Me Too Web Series Watch Online For Aahna Sharma

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Me Too Web Series Watch Online For Aahna Sharma

There is no stopping on another day another OTT as you may include one more in your watch list. Lemon OTT has released its first video and this is nonetheless quite controversial. They have released two short episodes of web series titled Me Too.

We couldn’t say much about the execution part as the whole web series involves only two actors Pranav Kumar and Aahna Sharma. It is the story and controversial plot that made me write about it. Me Too web series focuses on the confession of a budding actress played by Aahna Sharma.

She confessed how she got the chance in the industry and her willingness to get overnight success couldn’t count as Me Too case. She pointed out her relationship with the photographer is somewhat consensual and she doesn’t regret it at all.

If only the web series reach the audience, they can relate to the gripping debate as well.

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Me Too Web Series Is Just The Extended Aahna Sharma Photoshoot

If anyone without knowledge watches the 30-minute footage, he/she might understand the web series is just an extended version of Aahna Sharma’s photoshoot. Frankly speaking, the boldness of the actors while performing intimate scenes is what I look forward to, and Aahna can be seen uncomfortable as hell.

We can’t clearly say if her sour expression throughout the scene was just acting or she was indeed uncomfortable throughout the long intimate moments.

Anyway, it is something new from the creative point of view. Creators can surely add many things to the plot; make it look more appealing but the end product is not that bad.

We may see Aahna Sharma in various other projects in the recent future. Probably, we got to know too if it was just acting or she has unwillingly shown her hesitation towards such scenes.

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