Spider-man No Way Home Review: A Fan Service In Spectacular Way

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Spider-man No Way Home Review: A Fan Service In Spectacular Way

Spider-man No Way Home is finally released and it has made everyone loves Marvel even more. Everything is so connected that one can definitely say Marvel spectacularly did the fan service. Sadly, Stan Lee is no more to witness the best Spiderman live-action movie ever made.

Literally, markers did everything fans ever wanted from Spider-man solo outing in the third installment. From the villains from every Spiderman movie to Spiderman themselves, the movie has everything with humor too.

Despite Andrew Garfield’s lies about Spiderman crossovers, fans got to see both Andrew Garfield as well as Tobey Maguire Spiderman in the movie. And these actors are not just making cameo appearances, they have meaty roles in the post-interval half of the film.

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Venom, Matt Murdock, And Fresh Footage From Doctor Strange 2

Did I forget to mention that is it not going to be a generous review regarding how the movie was shot and presented? As a die-hard Marvel fan, I was just mesmerized watching all the scenes and even hooting and shouting in the theatre.

For the most interesting part, they have set up other shows and characters through this movie. Makers clearly put everything fans ever asked such as Venom in the MCU, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, and even the teaser trailer of Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness.

Talking about the credit scene, they have shown Tom Hardy’s Venom getting knowledge about Thanos and the history of Avengers in MCU. Even though Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock was sent back to his universe, the part of Venom Symbiote lives behind.

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Well, it might be a little confusing for fans as they will now connect Spiderman and Morbius. There were tons of fan theories circulating around Jared Leto Morbius and its connection to the MCU canon.

we’re Joking. We surely put the detailed Spider-man No Way Home Review by tomorrow.

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