You are currently viewing Charmsukh Tuition Teacher Ullu Web Series Watch Online For Gitashree Shil

Charmsukh Tuition Teacher Ullu Web Series Watch Online For Gitashree Shil

Charmsukh Tuition Teacher Ullu Web Series Watch Online For Gitashree Shil

Gitashree Shil formerly known as Amika Shail is one top-notch actresses working on OTT space now. Amika Shail has been phenomenal in this 15-minute short video about teenage romance. Most Indian students develop a crush on their teachers.

Ullu Web Series just tried to reach their fans by showing exotic childhood. The short episode titled Charmsukh Tuition Teacher showed a young kid and his fantasies for his Kalpna Ma’am. The big twist in the series is the secret affair of Shreyas’s father with the tuition teacher. The ending of the show is quite depressing but this is the truth if it happens somewhere.


Little you know that Charmsukh Tuition Teacher is the 32nd episode of the Charmsukh series. Charmsukh series was started as an anthology showing fantasies in the best way possible.

This short and sizzling Charmsukh episode is elevated by the wonderful performance of Gitashree Shil. The actress dared to go intimate with a younger co-star which is still controversial in Indian shows and web series.

Charmsukh Tuition Teacher Cast

Basit Khan – Athrav,

Gitashree Shil – Kalpna,

Saurav Singh Tiwari – Shreyas


Charmsukh Tuition Teacher Review: Gitashree Shil Elevated The Scenes

With such a baseless script and poor execution, a lot depends on the actors. Gitashree Shil showed her confidence in the scenes with both her co-actors. Basit Khan and Saurav Singh Tiwari did a good job with the written material.

From the very first scene, Gitashree Shil showed in a pretty alluring way. However, fans noticed that Gitashree’s scenes with Basit Khan lack the sparks. The actors showed discomfort during lip locks and even simple hugging.

Luckily the scene ended after a couple of seconds. This is the constant problem with Ullu Web Series as they compromise with their scenes when a big cast roped in to play such roles.

The upcoming Ullu Web Series is titled ‘Robot’ featuring Rachel as the lead character. Hopefully, from the concept to scenes, everything will be fresh and new and exotic.

Meanwhile, Charmsukh Tuition Teacher is available to watch online on Ullu App.

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