Games Of Karma All Episodes Ullu Web Series Ranked

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Games Of Karma All Episodes Ullu Web Series Ranked

Games of Karma anthology series is undoubtedly one of the most successful series from Ullu Originals. The web series boasted a stellar cast that includes popular names from the Indian TV industry. All the stories narrated in the Games Of Karma web series followed the same story structure.

Following the concept of ‘Karma is a bitch’, all the stories showed lewd protagonists who met their fate at the end. The series got mixed responses from fans and critics for their story structures and well-executed. Let’s revisit the show once again to refresh the memory before the release of the 6th episode titled ‘Games Of Karma Chall.’

6. Games Of Karma Kabristan

The first story in the Games of Karma series was titled ‘Kabristan’. It follows the protagonist who lives in a cemetery and physically assaults dead bodies in the shadow of night. Once he got caught red-handed and he framed a young man who came to visit him. In the end, it was revealed that the young man he framed was his son.


5. Games Of Karma BDSM

BDSM is probably the weakest among all the Games of Karma episodes released by Ullu Originals yet. The show featured Hiten Tejwani as local Christian Grey and Swati Bakshi.


4. Games Of Karma Kachra

The second story in the Games Of Karma featured Arina Dey in the lead role. The story revolved around a married couple where the husband is a bit too possessive about his girl but cheating on her. When the wife knew about his extramarital affair, she took revenge in the worst way possible.


3. Games Of Karma Happy Birthday

The third story is the Games Of Karma series titled Happy Birthday. Makers brought Gyan Prakash and Hitushree Zharbade together for this controversial project. The story depicts an old man drugging his guests and taking advantage of them at night.

Happy Birthday -games-of-karma-ullu-web-series-1

2. Games Of Karma Sangeet

Makers took a long leap before releasing the Games of Karma episode 5 titled ‘Sangeet’. The episode was musical and the best from the Games of Karma series. Games Of Karma Sangeet Cast Kenisha Bhardwaj in the lead role.

Sangeet -games-of-karma-ullu-web-series-1

1. Games Of Karma Chhal

It’s a big relief that the Games of karma series is still intact and they keep bringing more and more episodes in near future. Games Of Karma episode 6 is titled ‘Chhal’. The short trailer of the episode showed something fishy happening in the Aashram.

Games Of Karma Chhal Watch Online (3)

In the episode, the narrator might take the center stage and become the protagonist.

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