Games Of Karma Chhal Ullu Web Series Watch Online For Himani Sharma

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Games Of Karma Chhal Ullu Web Series Watch Online For Himani Sharma

Games Of Karma Chhal has been released and getting good reviews too. In many ways, it is a considerable season finale. The story comes full circle with many callbacks and references. Paritosh Sand played the character of Shri Pitaji with so much ease.

Many people including me have to think about the show meeting such an end. It was the 5th story Sangeet which was presented as the season finale. In the story actress, Himani Sharma played the lead protagonist. And she did a wonderful job.

Himani Sharma throughout the series wasn’t just the eye candy. She has fiery dialogues, and a bigger story arc to complete. The story starts with the character of Chanchal (Himani Sharma) who escorts girls to the Aashram and herself dreaming about getting married.

Since Chanchal is a spoiled brat and s3x addict too, she had had a session with lots of men. Eventually, she became HIV positive and further transmitted to Shri Pitaji the Aashram baba.

Himani Sharma

Games Of Karma Chhal Cast

Himani Sharma,

Paritosh Sand,

Vishal Singh,

Kashif Khan,

Kiran Singh,

Rahul Yadav,


Priti Maurya


Games Of Karma Chhal Review And Synopsis

The story revolves around Chanchal as they found herself trapped in a strange loop, where she could not trust anyone. She fights back and gives her best to defeat this demon of time. But when karma plays its game, even the strongest player collapses.

The story is simple, and even though it lacks steamy moments, fans are in complete awe of it. In addition to this, the songs such as the rap, and the song too, make more of it.

With the Games Of Karma series comes to end, there are many more web series and web episodes that are in line to release soon from Ullu Originals.

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