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Ayesha Kapoor Web Series And Movies Watch Online

Ayesha Kapoor Web Series And Movies Watch Online

Ayesha Kapoor got immense popularity after featuring in a series of Prime shots Original short films and web series. If you are also mesmerized by Ayesha Kapoor’s unparalleled beauty, we have jotted down the complete list of Ayesha Kapoor web series and short films. By the way, actress Ayesha Kapoor is also popular as Ayesha Salim in the industry.

1. Black (All OTT Platforms)

As a child actress, Ayesha Kapoor shared screen space with Amitabh Bachchan in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black.

2. My Cousin Sister (Kooku App)

One of her first adult roles comes in the short film ‘My Cousin Sister’ from Kooku App. Ayesha Kapoor played the cousin in the short film glorifying incest.

Ayesha Kapoor Seal 3 Hd

3. Office Scandal (Kooku App)

Kooku App another original short film titled Office Scandal also featured Ayesha Salim. Initially, Ayesha Salim did many web shorts with Kooku App.

Ayesha Kapoor movies and web series watch online (3)

4. Fareb (Primeshots)

Primeshots is a new OTT platform that released tons of quality original short films with bold actors. She is probably the first choice as she is featured in many Primshots short videos.

5. Chhupee Rustom (Ullu Originals)

Recently Released Short Film Chhupee Rustom has a glorifying scene of Aayesha Salim in a dream sequence where she wore her old school dress and looks lovelier than ever.

6. Dadi (Primeshots)

There are many web series that come under the premium content of Primeshots. While many people haven’t seen it, these are some of the best from Aayesha Salim.

Ayesha Kapoor movies and web series watch online (3)

7. Dhun (Primeshots)

Primeshots has released the short trailer of Dhun featuring Aayesha Salim in the lead role. From the cinematography to acting, everything seems quite appealing.

8. Knock Knock (Primeshots)

Another special video from Primeshots is titled Knock Knock. The short film is really hooking with its captivating scenes. The fact that Aayesha Salim is a part of a web show, you might wanna take a look.

Ayesha Kapoor movies and web series watch online (1)

9. Seal 2 (Primeshots)

Ayesha Kapoor went on to feature in the Primeshots hit series Seal. Seal 2 focused on the rural area characters when a man is obsessed to have intimate moments with a virgin girl.

Siyapa Web Series Ayesha Kapoor hd

10. Seal 3 (Primeshots)

She also featured in the third installment of the Primeshots Seal series. The series focuses on the urban characters as they want to have a nightstand with girls.

Ayesha Kapoor Seal 3 Hd

11. Kalakar (Feelit Originals)

The latest OTT platform Feelit Originals has released a short film titled Kalakar. Ayesha Kapoor played an important role in the movie.

Ayesha Kapoor Feelit Kalakar

12. Siyapa (Primeshots)

There’s a huge buzz as Primeshots have managed to bring Simran Khan and Ayesha Kapoor in the same web series. Fans are still speculating if they got to see girl-on-girl action in the series or not.

Siyapa Web Series Ayesha Kapoor

13. Jhol (Primeshots)

Ayesha Kapoor featured in the Primeshots web series Jhol along with Ekta More. The web series talks about infedility in the relationships.

Jhol Web Series Cast, Actresses, Watch Online On Primeshots

14. Dil Do (Primeshots)

A mini series about casual flirting and finding the treasure in the old house. Armaan Sandhu and Ayesha Kapoor starrer Dil Do web series became fan favorite just after the release.

Dil Do Web Series Watch Online All Episodes For Ayesha Kapoor

15. Jungle (Hot MX)

Ayesha Kapoor went on to feature in the web series titled Jungle. Even though web series failed to impress audience, the actress shone with her character.

16. Baba Rancho (CinePrime)

CinePrime Baba Rancho web series went on to become remarkable hit. A huge credit goes to the lead actress Ayesha Kapoor for this success.

Baba Rancho Web Series Watch Online Ayesha Kapoor (1)

17. Vaishya (Primeshots)

Ayesha Kapoor starred in and as Vaishya in the Primeshots original mini-series. Fans saw the never-seen-before look of Ayesha Kapoor. The actress also shows her acting prowess as she is not just a pretty face.

Vaishya Web Series Watch Online Ayesha Kapoor (2)

18. Seal 4 (Primeshots)

Primeshots has announced its upcoming web series Seal 4. Seal 4 web series cast Ayesha Kapoor and Aliya Naaz in lead roles. The web series showed intense chemistry between both the actresses.

Seal 4 web series Primeshots Watch Online Aliya Naaz, Ayesha Kapoor
Ayesha Kapoor and Aliya Naaz

We keep updating the Ayesha Kapoor web series pages as the actress is quite active in the industry.

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