‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 3 Cast, Watch Online All Episodes

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‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 3 Cast, Dating Show Is Surprisingly Good

On many occasion, the show is really Too Hot To Handle.

The new season of Too Hot to Handle is here. After two successful runs, the Netflix reality show is back for the third time. Yet another batch of extremely hot, sex-obsessed singles have gotten tricked into being part of the show where they meet heart to heart connections over physical attractions.

Like in previous seasons, the rules are same. For every kiss and every sexual act, money will be deducted from the prize money. Will these hotties be able to keep their hands to themselves?


Age: 24

Instagram: @nathsoan

About him: This self-proclaimed “international playboy” is a model and business management student from Cape Town, South Africa.


Age: 26

Instagram: @georgiahassarati

About her: Aussie gal Georgia can never resist a bad boy, especially if they’re anything like her celeb crush Justin Bieber. Also she is a serial ghoster who’s broken a lot of hearts.

Too Hot To Handle Watch Online Netflix (1)
A Still from the Netflix Dating Show


Age: 25

Instagram: @stevanditter

About him: Stevan is a wild child with bad boy looks and attitude. He’s a Los Angeles-based model who’s always been known to be a player. In high school, he got the “biggest flirt” award.


Age: 22

Instagram: @izfairr

About her: Physical therapist Izzy is from Manchester, UK and loves to play field hockey. She’s focused and competitive on and off the pitch, always keeping her eyes on the prize.

Too Hot To Handle Watch Online Netflix (1)
A Still from the Netflix Dating Show


Age: 25

Instagram: @jazkills

About her: Jaz is a fashion designer from the state of Virginia. Growing up with her dad in the air force, she calls herself an “army brat.”


Age: 29

Instagram: @thepatmullen

About him: This smooth-talking, guitar-playing serenader is trouble. The model/actor says he loves fulfilling beautiful women’s romantic fantasies if they ever visit his native Hawaii.


Age: 23

Instagram: @hollyscarfone

About her: Canadian Holly is a psychology student at the University of Colorado. She studies hard but also finds time to party hard.


Age: 24

Instagram: @_beauxraymond_

About her: Beaux lives up to her name because she truly is a beauty. The legal secretary from London currently resides in Kent, England.

Too Hot To Handle Watch Online Netflix (1)
A Still from the Netflix Dating Show


Age: 23

Instagram: @truthsworld

About him: Truth is a criminology student and basketball-playing scholar from Texas who’s got game on and off the court.


Age: 29

Instagram: @harryjohnson92

About him: British Harry claims to be a lookalike of another British Harry with glorious long brown locks.

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