You are currently viewing Ankita Dave Web Series List Including Ullu Web Series Gaachi
Mere Angane Main Web Series

Ankita Dave Web Series List Including Ullu Web Series Gaachi

Ankita Dave Web Series List Including Ullu Web Series Gaachi

Ankita Dave is an Indian actress popular for featuring in Indian skinemax web series and music videos. She went viral in the year 2017 with her leak video.

Ankita Dave made a name for herself by featuring in Indian web series by various OTT platforms. The actress took the industry by storm with her sensational and appealing looks and charm. If you are also Ankita Dave’s fans then here are some of her popular web series you can binge-watch.

Ankita Dave Web Series Complete List

1. Gaachi Ullu Web Series

Ankita Dave was featured in the Ullu Web Series after a long break. Her latest outing Gaachi is a thought-provoking tale on patriarchy. Even though the actress is not in lead, the Gaachi part 1 web series is getting popularity under her name.

Ankita Dave

2. Teri Khata

Teri Khata is probably one of the most underrated works of Ankita Dave. One possibility is the timing of the release of the web series which is why it went unnoticed. We recommend you take a look at the Teri Khata web series.


3. Zid (Hotshots Originals)

Zid is a short film by Hotshots Original starring Ankita Dave in a prominent role. Hotshots Originals were famous for their appealing short videos. The short film was directed by Gehana Vasisth who is also popular for such content.

Zid Short Film Hotshots Originals

4. Singardaan (Ullu Web Series)

Singardaan is one of the first web series from Ullu App having a strong cast. The web series cast Shraddha Das, Ankita Dave, and many other popular TV faces.

A Still From Singaardaan Web Series

5. Mere Angane Main (Kooku App)

There was a time when Kooku App has consistently created content that was loved by millions. Mere Angane Main is one such content that must have increased the Kooku apps subscription.

Mere Angane Main Web Series

6. Siddhu (Jollu Originals)

A Tamil OTT platform also approached Ankita Dave to play a decent role in one of their short film titled ‘Siddhu’. The web series featured 2 young couples celebrating their vacation.

7. Nagar Vadhu (HotHit Originals)

As the name suggests, the series is set in the village where Ankita Dave got the chance to play the ideal Bhabhi for the first time. She stole the show with her looks and curvy physique.


8. Chicken Curry (Kooku App)

Chicken Curry featured Ankita Dave as a bride. It was mesmerizing to see such a show. Ankita Dave managed to pull one of the best works in the series.

Chicken Curry Web Series
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