You are currently viewing Gaachi Part 1 Ullu Web Series Watch Online For Jaya Pandey

Gaachi Part 1 Ullu Web Series Watch Online For Jaya Pandey

Gaachi Part 1 Ullu Web Series Watch Online For Jaya Pandey

Gaachi Part 1 has been released on the Ullu OTT platform. The web series as expected is an eye-treat featuring some of the most promising OTT actresses in one frame. Prajakta Dusane is playing the character of Shalini, the main protagonist of the Gaachi Part 1 web series.

One performance that was not disclosed in the initial trailer was Bhojpuri actress Jaya Pandey. Jaya Pandey has been in constant feature for Ullu Originals with her astonishing Ullu Web Series Hotspot episode.

Actresses like Garima Jain, Ankita Dave, Rani Chatterjee, Priya Gamree have further elevated the show. The cinematography of the show is a bit dull but that might be the creative decision to give it a filthy rural feel.

Garima Jain And Ankita Dave

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Gaachi Part 1 Cast

Veeir Chaudary (Vikram)

Prajakta Dusane (Shalini)

Lokesh Tilak (Virender)

Garima Jain (Divya)

Ankita Dave (Ratna)

Priya Gamre (Maya)

Rani Chatterjee (Gulab Jaan)

Jaya Pandey (Rani)

Garima Jain

Gaachi Part 1 Review & Synopsis

The story of Gaachi Part 1 heavily focuses on character building. There were plenty of introduction scenes for all the actresses. However, Shalini (played by Prajakta Dusane) took the center stage as the story follows her journey.

Shalini gets married and comes to a village where women are victims of male chauvinism and marital abuse. Here she meets Divya, Ratna, and Maya. Garima Jain, Ankita Dave, and Priya Gamree were the desperate wives in the scenario and played their part beautifully.

Meanwhile, the parallel storyline is also provided to Rani Chatterjee and Jaya Pandey characters. Jaya Pandey is somewhat playing the second lead in the Gaachi Part 1. Together they decide to fight for their rights and dignity against the social norms and injustice in a place where the men would give them death rather than respect.

The show ends at the cliffhanger where Jaya Pandey’s character meets Prajakta Dusane’s character. Gaachi Part 2 will release next week exploring the story of Shalini and Rani.

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