You are currently viewing Ankita Dave And Garima Jain Romance In Gaachi Part 2 Ullu Web Series

Ankita Dave And Garima Jain Romance In Gaachi Part 2 Ullu Web Series

Ankita Dave And Garima Jain Romance In Gaachi Part 2 Ullu Web Series

Ullu Originals has dropped the short trailer of its upcoming release Gaachi Part 2. The web series is slated to release on 28th January 2022. Gaachi Part 1 has gotten a phenomenal response from fans as well as critics.

The Ullu Original’s Gaachi Web Series focuses on the culture of the village as men used to go to Kothas. The stellar cast of the series is another big reason Ullu managed to build up the hype for the Gaachi web series.

Gaachi Part 2 Cast Rani Chatterjee, Jaya Pandey, Priya Gamree, Garima Jain, Prajakta Dusane, and Ankita Dave in key roles. Rani Chatterjee and Jaya Pandey are the Kotha workers in the series while Prajakta Dusane is the newly-wed bride.

While Gaachi Part 1 heavily focused on Jaya Pandey and Prajakta Dusane’s characters. Gaachi Part 2 focuses on, as per the trailer, Ankita Dave, Priya Gamree, and Garima Jain’s characters.

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Priya Gamree Impactful Monologue In Gaachi Part 2

The short trailer of Gachi Part 2 gave us enough reasons to wait for the release of the series. For instance, Jaya Pandey and Prajakta Dusane compete for the love of the man in their life. The web series also teases girl-on-girl action between Ankita Dave and Garima Jain.

However, Priya Gamree has plenty of scenes in the Gaachi series. In the end, it is Priya Garmee who gave a stunning and appealing monologue. The impactful monologue raised the questions of infidelity from the women’s perspective.

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Gaachi Part 2 Trailer Watch Online On Ullu YouTube

The web series is probably going to be the last official release from Ullu Originals in January. For the record, there is plenty of other web series are in line for the release. Meanwhile, it would be interesting to see such a stellar cast in Gaachi series.

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