5 Reasons To Watch Gaachi Part 2 Ullu Web Series

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5 Reasons To Watch Gaachi Part 2 Ullu Web Series

Gaachi Part 2 has already on the waiting list of many people as it has many things that fans may like. However, to help you sort the list, here are the 5 big reasons why you should watch the Gaachi web series.

Don’t worry as we are not going to make points by mentioning the actresses only. We are going to make points on the story and character dynamics.

1. Garima Jain Romance With Her Female Co-star

The short trailer teases the budding romance between Garima Jain and Ankita. It would be interesting to see how makers fit the scenes in the context. Also, we hadn’t seen eye-pleasing girl-on-girl action from Ullu Originals for a long time.

2. Prajakta Dusane And Jaya Pandey Face Off

Prajakta Dusane and Jaya Pandey both became fan-favorites recently with their multiple releases. Even the Gaachi Part 1 heavily focused on the character arc of Jaya Pandey and Prajakta Dusane. Even though other actors took center stage in Gaachi part 2, creators must give these actors closure.

3. Rani Chatterjee Big Influence

Rani Chatterjee is certainly one of the big-name attached to the Gaachi Web Series. Gaachi Part 1 just showed her the Gulab Jaan kotha, Part 2 might explore Rani Chatterjee’s character as well throughout the runtime of the show.

Gaachi Part 2 Ullu Web Series Rani Chatterjee
Rani Chatterjee and Jaya Pandey

4. Priya Gamree Stunning Monologue

The actress just looked like a character artist in the Gaachi Part 1. Well, she is going to take the center stage in the Gaachi Part 2. The short trailer gave us an exciting monologue as well. Fans are surely looking forward to this.

5. Gaachi Part 1 Cliffhanger For Gaachi Part 2

The cliffhanger of Gaachi Part 1 is also a big reason many fans are lured towards the next Ullu Web Series. Ullu Originals has mastered the art of holding an audience and making its web series exciting. Whether it is story or star cast, Gaachi Part 2 release is the next big thing for Ullu App.

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