Siyapa Web Series Watch Online For Simran Khan And Ayesha Kapoor

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Siyapa Web Series Watch Online For Simran Khan And Ayesha Kapoor

Primeshots latest release is a bit dud but still much better from all these monotonous Ullu web series. They have marketed their Siyapa series on actresses Simran Khan and Ayesha Kapoor. However, they haven’t fully utilized the cast at all.

Ayesha Kapoor as usual featured in most of the Primeshots web series. For instance, Ayesha Kapoor went on to feature in another Primeshots title ‘Jhol’. Simran Khan, on the other hand, featured in plenty of web series recently. Most of them come from streaming giant Ullu App.

So the web series revolves around a twisted family with three males. Simran Khan is the young stepmom of two sons. Ayesha Kapoor is the love interest of the elder brother, and the younger brother just exists.

Now the situation arises, so the son decided to let his father marry his girlfriend. On the first wedding night, the plan backfires and we got to see all of this juicy drama.

Ayesha Kapoor from Siyapa

Siyapa Web Series Is Better Than Anything Releases Recently

Since we are now getting a plethora of content to binge-watch, the quality is seriously going into the gutter. Well, you have the luxury to watch Primeshots Original content which is unique, appealing, and quite captivating.

From the story perspective to the cinematography, Primeshots shows managed to make themselves different from all the other movies and web series available to watch online.

At last, this is certainly not the first time Simran Khan and Ayesha Kapoor came together for a movie or web series. They have collaborated together in the Ullu Originals short film titled ‘Chuppee Rustom’.

Sadly, both Chuppee Rustom and Siyapa series have both actresses but they haven’t scenes together. We hope to see Ayesha Kapoor in an intense girl-on-girl action soon, and the same goes for Simran Khan as well.

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