You are currently viewing Upaay Jaghanya Ullu Web Series Cast, Watch Online All Episodes

Upaay Jaghanya Ullu Web Series Cast, Watch Online All Episodes

Upaay Jaghanya Ullu Web Series Cast, Watch Online All Episodes

Ullu Originals is back with another sensational series. The Jaghanya series got a good response from fans for its very first episode. Now, they have released the trailer for Jaghanya web series episode 2 titled ‘Upaay’.

The story follows the female protagonist who falls in love with her owner. Oh, by the way, the protagonist in the Jaghanya Upaay episode is a maid. She saw her owner getting addicted to substances as well as girls.

The maid also wants to get loved by her owner. In the story, the maid went on to take drastic measures to get the man she desires.

Upaay Jaghanya Ullu Web Series Trailer Revealed The Story

The official synopsis of the Upaay Jaghanya web series reads, “Unki ek nazar pade humpe, bas itni si khwahish thi, banna pada haiwan iske liye, shayad kismat ki yeh sazish thi.”

The web series is slated to release on the very first day of February. With the release of the Upaay Jaghanya, the Ullu web series continues its weekly two-release schedule.


Upaay Jaghanya Cast

Sadly, there are not any details about the Upaay Jaghanya cast that has been released by Ullu Originals. They are very tight-lipped about the cast and other details about the web series.

For instance, they often provide the full picture in the trailer to lure the audience to their streaming platform. Fans are quite excited about the Upaay Jaghanya episode after getting tons of story-driven content from Ullu App.

Gaachi Part 1, Gaachi Part 2, Tuition Teacher, Hotspot Mail Trail, Chhal Games Of Karma, and many others failed to excite the audience in any way. It seems like Uppay Jaghnaya is something different and might connect to fans.

The web series Jaghanya “Upaay” releasing on 1st February 2022.

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