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Peacemaker and Vigilantte

Peacemaker Episode 5 Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrokcers

Peacemaker Episode 5 Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrokcers

The audience has found a new interest in the HBO Max new series Peacemaker. The 8-episodic action series is based on the DC Comics character. Director James Gunn brought this amazing series continuing the adventures of Peacemaker after ‘The Suicide Squad’.

The series has maintained the good hype with its consistent episodic run. For instance, it surpassed the engagement meter of Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2 and Amazon Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time. Sadly, fans are having a tough time as HBO Max is not available in two big markets India and UK.

Well, even though it is a big loss for creators, fans have found a way to watch the show online. Thousands of torrenting websites have released all the Peacemaker episodes just the moment it dropped on HBO Max.

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Peacemaker with Eagly

Peacemaker Web Series Available On Torrenting Websites In HD

The Peacemaker show is really brilliant as makers are making fun of their own superheroes. For instance, there is a scene in the Peacemaker episode 5 where all the character discusses Superman’s poop fetish.

For the record, Henry Cavil’s pooping face became a meme after the release of ‘Man of Steel’. There are dozens of other easter eggs as well in the show about Batman, Aquaman, and many other DC properties.

Peacemaker web series is supposed to release every Thursday till they air the final episode. Watching the success of the series and the popularity of the DC characters among fans, the studio might want to explore other popular characters from ‘The Suicide Squad’ or ‘The Peacemaker’ series.

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With dozens of OTT platforms generating kilos of content every day, Peacemaker is a gem you can’t miss. From characters to jokes to action, everything about the show is mesmerizing. You can watch online Peacemaker on HBO Max as well using VPN.

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