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Ekta More Web Series List, Wiki, And Movies Watch Online

Ekta More Web Series List, Wiki, And Movies Watch Online

Ekta More is emerging as a prominent face of the Local OTT industry with her captivating performances in the web series. Fans have no idea about Ekta More’s background at that time. However, we have curated the Ekta More Web Series list that you can binge-watch on various OTT platforms.

There are chances that Ekta More has been part of various movies and web series. The Indian entertainment industry is vast. Sadly, there are only 2 web series that surfaces on the internet and go viral in no time.

Ekta More Jhol Web Series Watch Online On Primeshots App

Primeshots recently released a quirky comical series titled Jhol starring Ayesha Kapoor and Ekta More in the lead role. While fans were gushing over Ayesha Kapoor another series, it is Ekta More who stole the show.

In the two short episodes of the Primeshots Jhol, Ekta More looks stunning and delivers stunning performance. You just can’t ignore her acting skills on the name of eye candy in the series. Fans of Primeshots Originals might want to see Ekta More in various other projects.

Ekta More Jhol Web Series Primeshots
Ekta More From Jhol Web Series

Taxi Web Series Watch Online On WooW App

WooW Originals came up with a stunning story-driven web series titled Taxi. Even though people may find the problem with cinematography and execution of the series, Ekta More’s performance in the series is captivating.

With two interesting and memorable watches, Ekta More shot to fame. Surely, Ekta More is now getting overwhelmed with lots of movies and series projects from various OTT platforms.

If you remember, this is how many popular OTT actresses shot to fame. Aayushi Jaiswal became an internet sensation when we got to see her in various projects in such a short time. One of the big reasons Ekta More stick to people’s minds is because we have seen her back to back in two good projects.

Ekta More Taxi Web Series WooW Originals
Ekta More From Taxi Web Series

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