RGV Dangerous Khatra Release Date Revealed

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RGV Dangerous Khatra Release Date Revealed With Another Fiery Poster

Long ago, maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma had announced a romantic crime thriller representing LGBTQIA couples. The movie remained in news for multiple reasons. Critics have slammed the movie for showing love-making scenes between both the lead actress through the male gaze.

However, a part of the audience was excited about the release of the movie. In the last 2-to 3 years, the movie has been in constant tease with multiple posters and trailer releases. For instance, they have also released songs filmed by actresses.

Naina Ganguly and Apsara Rani are playing the protagonist in the movie. The movie is already popular for its explicit intimate scenes between the actresses. Both the actresses look confident and charming in front of the camera.

Their chemistry speaks volumes and probably this is the reason fans are still lurking to see the whole picture no matter how dumb and predictable it would be.

RGV Dangerous Khatra Release Date Out
RGV Dangerous Khatra Release Date Out

RGV Dangerous Khatra Release Date, Actresses, Watch Online

First of all, RGV’s Dangerous has been changed to Khatra. The major reason for the title issue comes as Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s starrer web series Dangerous is already available on the OTT platform.

The movie Khatra is scheduled to release in theatres worldwide on 8th April 2022. The streaming release of the movie is still not disclosed. Initially, it was scheduled to release on the RGV official app, and after that Spark OTT has promoted the movie.

RGV Dangerous is getting polarizing opinions as movie critics and fans are watching it from different lenses. Well, the box office report of RGV’s Khatra is still to come. If you are waiting for the release of the film, we would bring you all the updates as soon as it hits the internet.

RGV Dangerous Khatra Release Date Out
RGV Dangerous Khatra Release Date Out

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