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Aliya Naaz From Mrs Teacher Primeshots

Mrs Teacher Web Series Primeshots Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

Mrs Teacher Web Series Primeshots Cast, Actress, Release Date, Watch Online

Mrs Teacher is another mini-series from Primeshots App. The web series brings back the nostalgia of every teenager ever. The short trailer of Mrs Teacher has been released on Primeshot’s official YouTube channel as well as their social handles. Mrs Teacher cast Aliya Naaz in the lead role.

What is Mrs Teacher Web Series Story?

Mrs Teacher web series revolves around the new female teacher in the town who guarantees a 100 percent success rate. A worried father took his son to the tuition teacher. Later, we know about the unconventional methods of teaching by the Mrs. Teacher (Aliya Naaz).

The series has been shot in 4K HD with multiple shots objectifying the actress Aliya Naaz. Primeshots has clearly mentioned that the Mrs Teacher Primeshots is a fictional tale. Creators confirmed that they have tried to iterate teenage mindsets.

Even though the trailer spelled everything about the mini-series. Fans are waiting for the release.

Mrs Teacher Primeshots Web Series Cast and Actress?

Aliya Naaz

She is playing the titular character in the web series. Aliya Naaz was previously seen in the Ullu Web Series Online and Cine Prime web series Puddan season 2.

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Aliya Naaz From Mrs Teacher Primeshots

Mrs Teacher Primeshots Series Release Date?

Mrs. Teacher Primeshots is scheduled to release on 5th March 2022.

Where to Watch Online MRS Teacher Web Series?

Primeshots is one of the most popular local OTT platforms that produce quality content. It has a subscription model where you can get access to all the Primeshots Original content by paying a negligible fee amount.

Primeshots are working very hard to impress the audience and be in the subscription race with other popular OTT platforms. Little you know that they have scheduled the trailer for 28th Feb at 10:00 AM in the morning. However, they have released it today to surprise the fans.

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