You are currently viewing Kunwara Web Series (Primeshots) Cast, Release Date & Watch Online
Vandana Seth From Kunwara Primeshots

Kunwara Web Series (Primeshots) Cast, Release Date & Watch Online

Kunwara Web Series (Primeshots) Cast, Actress, Release Date & Watch Online

Kunwara Web Series is another title from Primeshots. They are getting frequent day by day with their web series releases. They have already the Mrs. Teacher web series in line for the release. There are no updates regarding the release of the Kunwara web series.

Primeshots are coming up with tons of mini-series for the viewers. Most of their series is getting good responses from fans as well. For instance, their recently released series Dil Do starring Ayesha Kapoor and Armaan Sandhu went viral on Reddit and many other social sharing websites.

Talking about the Kunwara series, the short teaser only revealed the two lead actors in their outfits. The story and release date of the Kunwara series is not disclosed yet.

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Kunwara Web Series Story

From the short teaser, it looks like a discussion between a newlywed couple. Well, fans always expect to see something more especially from the Primeshots web series. We can only see whether Kunwara Web Series fit the fans’ expectations or not.

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Ashman from Kunwara Primeshots

Kunwara Web Series Cast & Actress

  • Vandana Seth
  • Ashman

Kunwara Web Series cast Vandana Seth and Ashman. Both the actors have worked previously with Primeshots. Vandana Seth was previously seen in Primeshots web series Jaanleva Pyaar, and Surprise.

Kunwara Web Series Details

Title Kunwara
Cast Vandana Seth, Ashman
Genre Romance / Drama
Release Date            –
OTT Platform Primeshots App
Language Hindi


Q. Kunwara Web Series Cast?

Ans. Vandana Seth, Ashman

Q. Where to Watch Online Kunwara Web Series?

Ans. You can watch the online Kunwara web series on the Primeshots app by paying a small subscription fee.

Q. Kunwara Web Series Release Date?

Ans. The web series’s release date is not disclosed yet.

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