Caretaker To Naye Padosi, 6 Best Palang Tod Web Series List

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Caretaker To Naye Padosi, 6 Best Palang Tod Web Series List

Palang Tod is undoubtedly one of the much-loved web series from the Ullu app. The anthology series often brings taboo concepts to the audience. Little you know that the Palang Tod web series list added 17 titles in their anthology series.

While Ullu Web Series is all set to release the new Palang Tod episode, here read the list of the 6 best Palang Tod web series that are must watch.

1. Palang Tod: Beta Aashiq, Baap Ayyash

Aaditi Kohli starrer Palang Tod series Beta Aashiq, Baap Ayyash talks about the age gap in a love story. However, the tone of the series is light and humorous. No doubt that the web series is filled with scenes and moments, but you can also find an interesting story with twists and turns.

Beta Aashiq-Baap Ayyash-7

2. Palang Tod: Caretaker

Palang Tod Caretaker 2 starring Paromita Dey is a bit dud. Well, it doesn’t change the fact that Caretaker stars Rekha Mona Sarkar and Simran Khan in the lead role. You can get tons of reasons why makers even thought to create prequel Caretaker 2.

Palang Tod web series caretaker s

3. Palang Tod: Naye Padosi

Another Palang Tod episode titled ‘Naye Padosi’ starring Rekha Mona Sarkar and Pihu Singh is still an entertaining web series to watch. Naye Padosi is a fun series where a wife is caught in an extramarital affair and her maid blackmails her.


4. Palang Tod: Saas, Bahu & NRI

Palang Tod Saas Bahu & NRI cast Paromita Dey and Rajsi Verma as Bahu and Saas respectively. All the intense scenes filmed between these two actresses are on another level. You can look out at the expressions of Paromita Dey throughout the series.

Palang Tod Saas Bahu & NRI

5. Palang Tod: Mom & Daughter

Palang Tod’s very first episode Mom & Daughter made it very clear about the web series anthology. Shikha Batra and Shivangi Roy did something unexpected. From their chemistry in scenes to the story as a whole, it was the best start for the show.


6. Palang Tod: Gaon Ki Garmi

Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi made Mahi Kaur popular or vice versa. The series is unexpectedly awesome, especially with the twist of the rural India presentation. The idea became an instant hit and they shot many other shows such as Charmsukh episodes ‘Kamar Ki Naap’ ‘Jaane Anjaane Mein’ and Sneha Paul starrer Chawl House 2.


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