The Batman Movie Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrockers

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The Batman Movie Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrockers

Matt Reaves’s take on the cape crusader starring Robert Pattinson has been released in theatres. Sadly, The Batman movie has been leaked online on Tamilrockers and various other torrenting websites.

The Batman movie has a huge buzz in India. Indians are sort of crazy for superhero movies. Especially Robert Pattinson is playing the Batman made the thing much more appealing. Since Batman has been leaked online, it is available for the audience to watch with a few simple clicks.

It is expected that makers are going to bear the loss of millions. Piracy has been a constant issue for all the major studios and OTT streaming platforms. The leaks are continuous as many people prefer skipping theatres to watch movies online for free.


The Batman Movie Review: A complete shift in Genre, Compelling Detective Fiction

The Batman is the retelling of a masked vigilante story in a completely new genre. The story starts from the point where Billionaire Bruce Wayne has successfully operated as Batman in Gotham City for two years. No one is aware of Batman’s real identity.

In Gotham City, there are Mayoral elections are in full swing. The Mayer, Don Mitchell Jr. is murdered brutally in his own house. He leaves a message for Batman. Batman uses his detective skills to decipher the riddles left by the killer, known as Riddler.

While Batman is trying to crack the case with the help of his butler, Pete gets killed. Riddler also released the video of his murder to the media. The Riddler’s clues lead Batman to the Iceberg Lounge, operated by Penguin.

Batman also meets Selina Kyle who knows a lot of puzzle pieces Batman is trying to solve. Later, Batman realizes that Riddler is targeting only those who have been corrupt and who have contributed to the downfall of the city in some way or the other. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

If you are intrigued by the detailed synopsis, just go and watch the film in theatres near you. Piracy is a crime and leads to heavy fines and imprisonment as well.

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