Apharan Season 2 Watch Online Full Episodes On VOOT Select

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Apharan Season 2 Watch Online Full Episodes On VOOT Select

Apharan Season 2 is expected to be a guilty pleasure. The web series is presented to us as a masala entertainer. Thus, no matter how much people curse about its storyline and post bad reviews, it is a decent one-time watch.

Also, Apharan Season 2 is available to watch online on Voot Select and ALT Balaji as well. Sources revealed that the web series budget exceeded with the foreign locations shoot. Thus, creators decided to share the web series and include it in the VOOT Select library as well.

Apharan Season 2 Cast Arunoday Singh, Nidhi Singh in lead roles. Many other actors came from the previous season to reprise their roles in Apharan 2. As stated above, helmed by Santosh Singh, Apharan 2 is created on a much larger scale.

Apharan 2 watch online arunoday singh

Apharan Season 2 Review & Story

Apharan web series is a crime drama. Usually, OTT crime shows are gritty, but Apharan web series is a masala entertainer with impactful dialogues. The story revolves around cop Rudra Srivastava and his wife Ranjana played by Arunoday Singh and Nidhi Singh respectively.

Apharan Season 2 shows Rudra Srivastava in a different setting. This time, the country’s external intelligence agency approaches the department to seek Rudra’s help to capture dreaded terrorist Bikram Bahadur Shah aka BBS alive from Serbia.

Our protagonist declines but is blackmailed into joining the mission; Ranjana, his wife, is now a drug addict. When Rudra lands in Serbia, he finds himself and Ranjana in a series of events.

The first season of Apharan was set in Haridwar. The second season is set in Serbia, where it is mounted on a bigger scale with more action sequences. It is more like a new show about a covert international operation.

Like the first season, Apharan season 2 also has regular doses of witty dialogue, especially from Rudra while narrating the story. The events and incidents are interesting and entertaining. All the episodes are about 20 minutes long which passes quickly.

Apharan 2 watch online arunoday singh

While the show has twists and turns, the one just before the midpoint is not just a complete surprise, but also turns the story on its head. From this moment on, Apharan (Season 2) becomes a different show altogether.

The narrative style and the use of old Bollywood film songs are an interesting tribute to Hindi cinema. A show like Apharan needs a strong ‘hero’ and Arunoday Singh is the most appropriate choice. His character has action, stunts, witty dialogues, and suppressed anger and Arunoday Singh nailed the character. Nidhi Singh has a bigger role in the second season so watch out for her too.

Snehil Dixit Mehra, known as ‘BC Aunty’ on social media, is genuinely funny throughout the series. Saanand Verma as Ranjana’s boss is also humorous. The big surprise is the cameo by yesteryear star Jeetendra.

Apharan Season 2 success might make creators think about Apharan Season 3.

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