Roohaniyat Web Series Cast Watch Online Full Episodes On MX Player

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Roohaniyat Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On MX Player

There have been many combinations of a perfect couple who we may like to see in movies and web series. Roohaniyat gives us a strange dynamic between the lead couple. In the nutshell, Roohaniyat is a story of a disinterested, detached, and cold with the idea of love man meets a young girl looking or ideal romantic relationship believing in the idea of soulmates.

Arjun Bijlani and Kanika Mann’s starrer romantic drama are actually about the interaction of two people with different philosophies about love. Besides, the love story is set on the backdrop of the social angle where a couple has 15 years of the age difference and a murder mystery as well.

Roohaniyat Web Series Cast

Arjun Bijlani

Kanika Mann

Yuvika Choudhary

Geetika Mehandru

Shaan Grover

Aman Verma

Smita Bansal

Roohaniyat Web Series Cast Watch Online Full Episodes On MX Player

Roohaniyat Web Series Story And Review

Roohaniyat web series follows the story of Saveer Rathod (Arjun Bijlani) who is about to marry his fiancé Ishanvi (Yuvika Chaudhary). He requests her not to surprise him on his birthday, as he hates surprises. So, Ishanvi gave him the big shock of his life. She breaks up with him which leaves him devastated, confused, and in mourning.

Saveer does not believe in the idea of a ‘forever’ in love. ‘Forever is a lie’, he says. However, 19-year-old Prisha (Kanika Mann) does not agree with him, even when she’s left heartbroken from her previous relationship.

As their paths cross, Prisha falls for Saveer, but there are truths that she is unaware of. What twists and turns await Saveer and Prisha’s life and the relationship becomes the plot of the series.

We have seen these romances multiple times, that too in MX player. This is not at all appealing as it fails to hold the interest and attention of the audience. The writing is lazy as characters are still in their daily soap zone. If you love slow-burn romance, you can watch online Roohaniyat on MX Player.

Roohaniyat Web Series Details

Title Roohaniyat
Cast Arjun Bijlani, Kanika Mann, Yuvika Choudhary
Genre Romance / Drama
Release Date 23rd March, 2022
OTT Platform MX Player
Language Hindi

Roohaniyat Web Series Cast Watch Online Full Episodes On MX Player


Q. Roohaniyat Web Series Cast?

Ans. Arjun Bijlani, Kanika Mann, Yuvika Choudhary, Geetika Mehandru, Shaan Grover, Aman Verma, Smita Bansal

Q. Where to Watch Online Roohaniyat Web Series?

Ans. You can watch online Roohaniyat web series on MX Player for free.

Q. Roohaniyat Web Series Release Date?

Ans. The web series is release date is 23rd March 2022.

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