Saree Ki Dukaan Charmsukh Ullu Web Series Watch Online

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Ullu app released the Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan web series on their official app. The web series gets positive reviews from fans. Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan cast Sonia Singh Rajput, Arohi Barde, Allauddin Shaikh, and Prashant Mishra, among others.

Helmed by Sanjiv Chadda, the web series has shot all the love scenes beautifully. Despite, Charmsukh’s episodes being for titillation, Saree Ki Dukaan offers an engaging story with stellar performances by the ensemble cast.

Sonia Singh Rajput and Arohi Barde both actresses have very charming screen presence. These actresses never shy away or show any bit of hesitation to perform the scene. Probably, this is the reason Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan is one of the best Charmsukh episodes ever released.

Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan Web Series Cast

  • Sonia Singh Rajput as Renu Bhabhi
  • Allauddin Shaikh as Golu
  • Prashant Mishra as Sachin
  • Arohi Barde as Dolly
  • Manohar Telli as Mr. Dheeraj Pandey
  • Alisha Narone as Sunita
Saree Ki Dukaan Charmsukh web series watch online

Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan Ullu Web Series Details

  • Title – Saree Ki Dukaan – Charmsukh
  •  Cast – Sonia Singh Rajput, Allauddin Shaikh, Prashant Mishra, Arohi Barde, Manohar Telli, Alisha Narone
  •  Genre – Drama
  •  Type – Web Series
  •  Director – Sanjiv Chadha
  •  Release Date – 29 April 2022
  •  OTT Platform – Ullu App
  •  Language – Hindi
  •  Country – India

Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan Web Series Synopsis

The story revolves around a twisted family who owns Saree Ki Dukaan. The boy in the house, Golu dreams about a girl every night. His father makes him work at his ladies’ garment shop to make him responsible.

He realizes that every lady he meets at the shop gives him some kind of fantasy fulfillment. One day, he meets his dream girl (Sonia Singh Rajput). While this is a story we should focus on, there’s a parallel story featuring Arohi Barde and Prashant Mishra in lead roles.

Arohi Barde is the sister of Golu and has a boyfriend with whom she has multiple scenes. Later in the web series, it is revealed that she also fantasizes about her dream boyfriend. Charmsukh series is certainly one of the most popular web series from the Ullu app.

Earlier, Charmsukh brought Jaane Anjane Mein, Maa Devrani Beti Jethani, Salahkaar, and many others. Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan actress names include Sonia Singh Rajput and Arohi Barde. Probably, it is the debut series of Sonia Singh Rajput with the Ullu app.


Q. Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan Web Series Cast & Actress?

Ans. Sonia Singh Rajput, Arohi Barde, Allauddin Shaikh, Prashant Mishra, Manohar Telli, Alisha Narone

Q. How to Watch Online Saree Ki Dukaan Web Series on Ullu App?

Ans. You can download the Ullu app from AppStore to watch online all the Ullu web series.

Q. Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan Web Series Release Date?

Ans. 29th April 2022.

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