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Raja ka Baja - Charmsukh Ullu web series Hiral Radadia

Charmsukh Raja Ka Baaja Cast, Release Date, Watch Online On Ullu App

Charmsukh Raja Ka Baaja Watch Online All Episodes | Ullu Web Series

Raja Ka Baaja Watch Online: Ullu’s original new series titled ‘Raja Ka Baaja’ is slated to release on 6th May 2022 on the Ullu app. Here are the details about the Raja Ka Baaja cast, release date, actress name, and watch online option for the web series.

ULLU app continued to entertain the audience with Palang Tod and Charmsukh series on weekly basis. Usually, Charmsukh series follows the wild and weird fantasies of human and blend it with the engaging story.

Earlier, they have released many titillating Charmukh episodes such as Salahkaar, Kamar Ki Naap, Maa Devrani Beti Jethani, Live Streaming, etc. This new series ‘Raja Ka Baaja’ is another one on the list.

The web series cast Hiral Radadia as the main lead, she will be seen playing the Prime characters and whole Charmsukh Raja Ka Baaja web series will revolve around her. Hiral Radadia was previously seen in the Ullu web series Riti Riwaz – Saali Aadhi Gharwali.

Raja ka Baja - Charmsukh Ullu web series Hiral Radadia
Hiral Radadia

Where To Watch Online Charmsukh Raja Ka Baaja Web Series

The web series is all set to release on the Ullu app and website for the subscribed users from Midnight on 6th May 2022. It is expected that there will be total 3 episodes in the series and each will be around 20-25 minutes long.

The series will also release in Tamil, Telugu and other dubbed version along with the subtitles. Users with a subscription to ULLU can watch and download the web series for free.

As the trailer suggests, the series is the story of a man named Raja who got power to satisfy any women after midnight. How these power works, what are the consequences of this power, how other character influenced by it, what happened next, to know this you have to watch the series on Ullu.

The trailer got a good response from audiences as everyone loves to see Hiral Radadia after a long break. It will be interesting to see how this special Charmsukh series performs for ullu. Ullu app continues to release two new pieces of content every week.

This was all about the Charmsukh Raja Ka Baaja. Watch Online the full series On ULLU, what are your thoughts about the series? Please drop your opinion in the comments.

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