You are currently viewing Expose Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On Kanccha Lannka

Expose Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On Kanccha Lannka

Expose Web Series Watch Online: Kanccha Lannka’ new series titled ‘Expose’ has been released on 12th May 2022 on the Kanccha Lannka app. Here are the details about the Expose cast, release date, actress name, and watch online option for the web series.

KANCCHA LANNKA app continued to entertain the Odia-speaking audience with web series focused on romance and drama. The last couple of web series released by Kanccha Lannka is based on modern life fun and romance. Earlier, they have released many titillating web series such as Rangeela, Love You Lovely, Practical Life, etc. This new series ‘Expose’ is another one on the list.

The web series cast Meghna Mishra, Somesh Mohanty, Kabya Kiran, Sakti Barala, Bikram Kesari Mohanty, Choudhary JayPrakash Mohanty, Sukanta Rath as the main lead. They all are playing the Prime characters in the web series. Well, the whole web series revolves around Meghna Mishra.

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Expose Web Series Cast

  • Meghna Mishra
  • Somesh Mohanty
  • Kabya Kiran
  • Sakti Barala
  • Bikram Kesari Mohanty
  • Choudhary JayPrakash Mohanty
  • Sukanta Rath

Where To Watch Online Expose Web Series

The web series is all set to release on the Kanccha Lannka app and website for the subscribed users on 12th May 2022. It is expected that there will be a total of 10 episodes in the series and each will be around 20-25 minutes long.

The series will available in the Odia language especially to cater to the rural audience. Users with a subscription to KANCCHA LANNKA can watch and download the web series for free.

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The story of the Expose web series revolves around Prabha Devi, the home minister, and the wife of an immensely popular politician comes to bad terms with a promising journalist. Arvind on the subject of her deceased husband’s death and the mysterious circumstances surrounding it.

This beef worsens over time with worsening ties, relationships, and a lot of suspicious activity at the hands of the politician. The constant attacks and harm on the way of Arvind along with his loved ones make him pledge to Expose the ill doings of Prabha Devi.

Will Arvind succeed in the Expose? To know what happens next, watch online Expose web series on the Kanccha Lannka app.

The trailer got a good response from audiences as everyone loves to see actresses like Meghna Mishra, Kabya Kiran, and Sakti Barala in one web series. It will be interesting to see how this Expose web series performs for Kanccha Lannka. Kanccha Lannka app continues to bring intense thriller rural content.

This was all about the Expose web series. Watch Online the full series on KANCCHA LANNKA, what are your thoughts about the series? Please drop your opinion in the comments.

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