You are currently viewing Riddhima Tiwari Web Series List Watch Online 2022

Riddhima Tiwari Web Series List Watch Online 2022

Riddhima Tiwari Web Series List Watch Online 2022

Who is Riddhima Tiwari?

Riddhima Tiwari is an Indian web series actress and social media influencer. The actress made a name for herself by collaborating with various Indian local OTT platforms. Little you know that the actress’s real name is Natasha Rajeshwari.

Riddhima Tiwari is a model turned actress. Riddhima is best known for playing the role of Jalebi Bai in the Ullu web series titled Jalebi Bai Part 1 & 2. She gained tremendous fame for her role in this web series. Mostly, Riddhima Tiwari worked on the Ullu OTT platform.

Here is the list of popular web series featuring Riddhima Tiwari in lead roles.

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Riddhima Tiwari Web Series

1. Sundara Bhabhi – Boom Movies

One of the early roles of Riddhima Tiwari comes in the Boom Movies web series titled Sundara Bhabhi. The web series gets immense popularity in a quick time.

2. Sundara Bhabhi Returns – Boom Movies

The success of Sundara Bhabhi made the creators bring back Riddhima Tiwari for the sequel. After a couple of weeks, Boom Movies released Sundara Bhabi Returns.

3. Jism Aur Jajbat – Boom Movies

Boom Movies continues to release another episode with Riddhima Tiwari. Even though the title of the web series was Jism Aur Jajbat, it is considered another episode of Sundara Bhabhi.

Riddhima Tiwari Web Series List watch online

4. Rangraliya – Boom Movies

Another titillating episode of Sundara Bhabhi titled Rangraliya has been released. The web series is also loved by fans and critics for the screen presence of Riddhima Tiwari.

5. Madhosh Diaries Good Wife – Ullu Web Series

Riddhima Tiwari also collaborated with Ullu app for the web series Madhosh Diaries Good Wife. It was the first episode of the Madhosh Diaries anthology.

6. Jalebi Bai Part 1 & 2 – Ullu Web Series

Here comes the life-changing role when Riddhima Tiwari played the titular character in the Ullu web series Jalebi Bai in parts 1 and 2. For Part 3, Riddhima Tiwari was replaced by Prajakta Dusane.

7. Official Rajni Kaand – Cineprime App

Riddhima Tiwari collaborated with Cineprime app for the web series Official Rajni Kaand. In the web series, she plays the character of secretary Rajni who obeys her boss.

Riddhima Tiwari Web Series List watch online

Riddhima Tiwari Web Series List

YearWeb SeriesOTT Platform
2021Sundara BhabhiBoom Movies
2021Sundara Bhabhi ReturnsBoom Movies
2021RangraliyaBoom Movies
2021Jism Aur JajbatBoom Movies
2021Madhosh Diaries Good WifeUllu Web Series
2022Jalebi Bai Part 1Ullu Web Series
2022Jalebi Bai Part 2Ullu Web Series
2022Official Rajni KaandCineprime App


Q. Riddhima Tiwari Age?

Ans. 27 years old.

Q. Riddhima Tiwari Debut Web Series?

Ans. Sundara Bhabhi web series on Boom Movies

Q. Riddhima Tiwari Best Web Series?

Ans. Jalebi Bai Web Series on Ullu App

Q. Riddhima Tiwari Net Worth?

Ans. 0.5 Million USD.

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