Kiss Miss Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On Primeshots App

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Kiss Miss web series has been released and is available to watch online on the Primeshots app. If you want to watch the Kiss Miss web series, just take the subscription. Here we get all the information about the web series as well as where to watch it online.

The very exciting Kiss Miss web series all episodes have been released on the online streaming platform. Here you need not wait for long. It is considered one of the best Primeshots web series featuring Ayesha Kapoor in the lead role.

Kiss Miss Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On Primeshots App

Kiss Miss PRIMESHOTS Series Review

This web series has already streaming from June 6, 2022, onwards. Viewers could watch all episodes on the Primeshots app. The story follows Ayesha Kapoor as a mystery woman who shares a relationship with three different men.

The short series also explores the concept of best friend vs boyfriend. Ayesha Kapoor’s character is open with her best friend and hasn’t even shared a kiss with her boyfriend. While both best friend and boyfriend went to a shrink for consultancy. The climax reveals is quite exciting for the fans.

Who is Ayesha Kapoor and what she wants forms the crux of the Kiss Miss web series? What makes the web series special is the captivating performances by the ensemble cast.


Helmed by AK, Kiss Miss Primeshots web series cast Ayesha Kapoor, Ashman Kumar, Ankit Parteek, and Harry Soni in lead roles.

The web series is fast-paced with only 2 episodes of 15 minutes each. Kiss Miss web series is titillating and engaging. In many ways, this is something that die-hard Primeshots fans always wanted.

Kiss Miss Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On Primeshots App

Kiss Miss PRIMESHOTS Web Series Release Date

The synopsis of the story reads, “Ayesha Kapoor’s character has a good image in front of her fiancée. However, she is wild with her best friend. While her boyfriend wants to make love to her, her best friend wants her to go away. They both started visiting shrinks that reveal the major twist.”

Netizens are very excited as they get to see one of their favorite Ayesha Kapoor in the web series. People who love titillation-filled stories with a dash of mystery can watch the web series Kiss Miss.

Primeshots app has already released a couple of web series including Seal 4, AC Ki Taisi, Bahu Jaan, Dil Do, and many others. We would love to see Ayesha Kapoor in other Primeshots Original web series as well.

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