You are currently viewing Priyanka Chopra To Swara Bhaskar Reacted On Gang R*ape Inneundo Perfume Ad
Priyanka Chopra To Swara Bhaskar Reacted On Gang R*ape Inneundo Perfume Ad

Priyanka Chopra To Swara Bhaskar Reacted On Gang R*ape Inneundo Perfume Ad

Perfume Controversial Advertisement: A perfume ad promoting gang r*ape became the new controversy. Many people include Bollywood celebs have shown their disgust with the tweets. These celebs have expressed their anger on this advertisement, as well as Priyanka Chopra has expressed happiness about one thing.

Celebs Angry On Perfume Controversial Advertisement: Indian perfume ads consistently touching new lows in terms of creativity. Majority of times, the ads serves the purpose to be noticeable instead of passing the right information.

It is true that too much creativity is often served in advertisements, which sometimes becomes the cause of controversies. One such controversial ad has surfaced on social media, which is becoming increasingly viral.

From all the social media users to the celebs, have lodged their objection on this ad. Actually, an angle promoting gang r*ape has been served in the advertisement of this perfume, due to which a lot of anger is being seen among the people.

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Richa Chadha’s Tweet

Actress Richa Chadha tweeted and wrote, “This ad is not an accident. The brand has to go through many decision making to make this ad. Creatives, script, agency, client, casting… what everyone thinks it is.” That rape joke is the right thing? This brand, the agency that made this ad, should be prosecuted for the mess they’re serving up.”

Priyanka Chopra’s tweet

Actress Priyanka Chopra retweeted a tweet related to the ad, writing, “This is very ugly and shameful. How many levels has been passed before this commercial got green bush? How many people think this is right? Me Very happy that now it has been removed and the ministry has decided to remove it.”

Farhan Akhtar’s tweet

Farhan Akhtar wrote, “It takes an incredibly tasteless and distorted mind to think, approve and make of these stinky body spray ‘gang r*ape’ spontaneous commercials..!! Shameful.”

Swara bhaskar tweet

Actress Swara Bhaskar tweeted, “A girl was gang-r*aped in Hyderabad – such incidents happen every day in India.. Companies like @layerr_shot make fun of TV commercials and ‘cool-ifying’ rape and gang r*ape. Beyond disgusting! Not only tone deaf but also criminal! Absolutely shameful! Which agency made this?”

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