Brahmastra: Ayan Mukerji Clarifies The Controversial Scene In Movie

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Brahmastra: Ayan Mukerji Clarifies The Controversial Scene In Movie

Fans keep talking about the Brahmastra movie since its trailer release. While hardcore cinephile critics of the CGI of the film, a group of people find one scene from the trailer offensive. Brahmastra trailer and Ranbir Kapoor were trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons lately.

If you have watched the Brahmastra trailer closely, you have noticed the scene where Ranbir Kapoor gleefully entered the temple and ring the big bell. Many people believed that the Brahmastra movie defamed Hindu Gods and put them in a negative light.

The reason behind such a wild accusation is the fact that Ranbir Kapoor entered the holy place with his shoes on. It ended up creating a big problem for the makers of the film. However, after 4 days of trailer run, Director Ayan Mukerji brought some clarity on the issue via his Instagram post.

Ayan Mukerji On The Controversial Scene In Brahmastra Trailer

In his Instagram post, Ayan Mukerji wrote, “We had some people in our community, upset because of one shot in our Trailer – Ranbir’s character wearing shoes as he rings a Bell.

As the Creator of this film (and a devotee), I wanted to humbly address what happened here.

In our movie, Ranbir is not entering a temple, but a Durga Puja Pandal.

My own family has been organizing a similar kind of Durga Puja Celebration for… 75 years! One, which I have been a part of since my childhood. In my experience, we only take off our shoes, right on the stage where the Goddess is, and not when we enter the Pandal.

Brahmastra poster

It is personally important for me to reach out to anyone who may have been upset with this image… because above all, Brahmastra is created as a movie experience that pays respect to and celebrates – Indian culture, traditions, and history. That is at the heart of why I made this movie, so it is very important to me that this feeling, reaches every Indian who is watching Brahmastra.

Bollywood has been often boycotted for the funny and comical portrayal of Indian Gods. However, Ayan Mukerji coming forward with the clarification might add some good publicity for the Brahmastra film. The movie is set to release in theatres in Sept 2022.

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