Jaal Part 1 Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On Ullu App

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Jaal Part 1 Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On Ullu App

Jaal Part 1 web series has been released and is available to watch online on the Ullu app. If you want to watch the Jaal Part 1, just take the subscription. Here we get all the information about the web series as well as where to watch it online.

The very exciting Jaal Part 1 web series all episodes have been released on the online streaming platform. Here you need not wait for long. It is considered one of the best Ullu web series featuring Donna Munshi, Taniya Chatterjee, and Muskaan Agarwal in lead roles.

Jaal Part 1 ULLU Series Story

This web series has already streaming from June 21, 2022, onwards. Viewers could watch all episodes on the Ullu app. The story follows a dysfunctional family where everyone plays tricks to gain monetary benefits.

The story follows Nidhi (Donna Munshi) as she struggles to be a part of the family where everyone has their games on their sleeves. It starts with an old man exercising at home and finding a beer bottle crashing on the floor. He asked his servant to look out for the culprit who drank beer in the morning.

The scene unravels as Nidhi with her husband plays truth and dare on the terrace with the roleplay of Devar & Bhabhi. The dare ranges from unbuttoning shirts to passionate lip lock ultimately ending in a steamy session. By the way, the scene is something else and beyond everything, the Ullu app has ever shown.

The next scene shows an old man arriving at the school facility as he runs the school. He took the help of his daughter-in-law and maid to stand straight. He intentionally put his palm on his maid (Muskaan Agarwal) chest groping her. The servant sees this and confronts the maid to stay away from the old man.

A series of events hinted that both the brothers are looking for papers for the facility to gain monetary benefits. The big brother tries to steal it when caught by an old man. Later, a mysterious man killed the old man.

Jaal part 1 Web Series All Episodes watch online on ullu app
Muskaan Agarwal

Donna Munshi & Tanya Chatterjee Performance

The mysteries started unraveling as a woman working in the facility blackmailed the brothers. She claimed that the old man has harassed her earlier and she has proof of it. The daughter of the big brother got kidnapped and the family started suspecting each other.

The truth came out as Devar Bhabhi was meeting and having extramarital affair. Nidhi has the best revenge plan as she plans to sleep with the elder brother in front of her husband. Even though the audience witnessed a passionate scene, the Ullu app cleared it as a dream sequence of the younger brother. What will happen next would be shown in Jaal Part 2.

How Nidhi manages the situation and what comes as the ultimate twist forms the crux of the story in Jaal Part 1. What makes the web series special is the captivating performances by the ensemble cast.

Jaal Part 1 ULLU Web Series Cast

  • Ramesh Goyal as Dheeraj
  • Ashraf Saifi as Vijay
  • Abhi Rizvi as Anmol
  • Donna Munshi as Nidhi
  • Tanya Chatterjee as Surekha
  • Hrithik Yadav as Chinga
  • Muskaan Agarwal as Rani

The web series is fast-paced with only 3 episodes of 20 minutes each. Jaal Part 1 web series is brutal, titillating, and engaging. In many ways, this is something that die-hard Ullu fans always wanted.

Jaal part 1 Web Series All Episodes watch online on ullu app
Donna Munshi

Jaal Part 1 ULLU Web Series Details

The synopsis of the story reads, “Nidhi is married to a dysfunctional family, where relationships are mere words, every member tries to overplay the other to gain monetary benefits, to overcome these odds, Nidhi has to become someone she never was.”

Netizens are very excited as they get to see fresh faces such as Donna Munshi, and Tanya Chatterjee in the web series. Both the actresses have elevated the show with their charming screen presence. People who love titillation-filled stories with a dash of thriller can watch the web series Jaal Part 1.

Ullu app has already announced a couple of web series including the Jaghanya series 11 years, and the much-awaited Dunali Season 2 Part 3. We would love to see Donna Munshi and Tanya Chatterjee in other Ullu Original web series as well.

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