Jaal To Love Next Door, 5 Best Ullu Web Series Videos Watch Online

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Jaal To Love Next Door, 5 Best Ullu Web Series Videos Watch Online

If I write Best Ullu Web Series Videos, you do understand that I meant best Ullu web series. Ullu Originals is rising high and high with its content strategies, while sometimes fans discarded their attempt to bring something new, they were praised dozens of times for just being the best.

If you love watching the Ullu web series in private, we have some good suggestions. We have curated the list of the 5 best Ullu web series videos to watch online. Do note that the list is not created just because of favoritism, it is indeed the majority of people’s things.

1. Love Next Door – Ullu Web Series

Ullu app was always criticized for many mockeries of LGBT content. However, Love Next Door was something different from what Ullu fans have asked. The good thing is that fans loved the concept making it one of the most-watched Ullu web series videos. Love Next Door web series cast Anamika Kadamb and Tanya Desai in lead roles.

Love Next Door Ullu web series cast

2. Jaal – Ullu Web Series

In plain sight, the Jaal Ullu web series seems like a thriller packed with R-rated content. However, this specific Ullu web series videos change fans’ perspectives on the OTT app. From the chemistry to showing intimacy, the actors didn’t sigh away making it one of the best on the list. Jaal web series cast Donna Munshi, Taniya Chatterjee, and Muskaan Agarwal in lead roles.

Jaal Part 1 Ullu Web Series Watch Online All Episodes

3. Games of Karma – Happy Birthday – Ullu Web Series

All the episodes of Games of Karma got mixed responses from fans. However, one episode, in particular, featuring Hitushree Zharbade got good ratings. Initially, it was believed that the bottomless scene of Hitushree made the difference. Yes, there’s a scene in the Happy Birthday episode where Hitushree Zharbade appeared bottomless.


4. Riti Riwaz – Pinjara – Ullu Web Series

If only there can be any list for the steamiest girl-on-girl action, then Riti Riwaz Pinjara would top the rankings. Mishti Basu and Mahi Kamala starrer Riti Riwaz Pinjara are way too different from anything Ullu Web Series Videos ever offered. Perhaps, another year passed by Ullu app trying to bring something more appealing than Riti Riwaz Pinjara.

5 best Ullu web series videos watch online

5. Lovely Massage Parlor – Ullu Web Series

The Lovely Massage Parlor web series focuses on a girl’s struggle with the dual life of the massage parlor industry. Okay, so why Lovely Massage Parlor is one of the best Ullu web series videos is the fact that it has multiple scenes featuring 3 girls-on-girls actions, two massive 4 ways romances, and whatnot.

5 best Ullu web series videos watch online

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