You are currently viewing Thor Love And Thunder Reviews: Thor On His Biggest Solo Adventure

Thor Love And Thunder Reviews: Thor On His Biggest Solo Adventure

Thor Love And Thunder Reviews: Thor On His Biggest Solo Adventure

Recently Marvel held the premiere of Thor Love And Thunder and the first reviews started out on the internet. Critics keep praising Chris Hemsworth & team for coming up with this bizarre idea to set a love story of 80s styles in Space.

Taika is a master director with a vision to connect with the audience. The way he shaped the script to make it a perfect blend of action and comedy is quite unnatural yet impressive. The movie is a complete package and a perfect escape from life if you are going for the theatre experience.

Christian Bale And Natalie Portman Added The Star Power

You can expect to add extra value to the movie by adding star power. Surprisingly, it is only the second time when Marvel go with an A-list actor in Hollywood for their movie project. Earlier, they called Edward Norton to play The Incredible Hulk back in 2009.

Christian Bale’s look is menacing and terrifying in the Thor Love And Thunder. At the same time, Natalie Portman did a fair share of work to elevate the project. The Marvel boss Kevin Feige confirmed that they have added only the height to make Natalie Portman’s Thor a bit taller. This means, the lady bulk up and put on kilos of muscles to portray the character.

Thor Love ANd Thunder Movie Review (1)
Thor Love ANd Thunder Movie Review

Cameos And Post-Credit Scenes Of Thor Love And Thunder

There’s so much hype around the post-credit reveal of Thor 4. Many people have watched the film at its premiere and praised the Marvel movie for its post-credit reveal. It is confirmed that Thor Love And Thunder movie has 2 post-credit scenes that shape the future of MCU movies.

In addition to this, fans really praised the Matt Damon cameo in the movie. Clayton Davis of Variety wrote, that Love and Thunder was “much more episodic than [he] would have suspected,” he went on to tease that the “post-credits is EPIC:”

“Thor: Love and Thunder are much more episodic than I would have suspected. Delivers big laughs. Very standard, a cookie-cutter villain with Christian Bale. I want the buddy cop comedy with Natalie Portman & Tessa Thompson. Matt Damon must go Broadway. Post credits are EPIC! Pure fun.”

One thing that nobody talks about is the love part of Thor’s Love And Thunder. There were speculations that Valkyrie’s bisexual nature would be explored in the movie. Even the actress also confirmed the same. However, nobody has talked about it yet.

Since the movie is just two weeks away, it would be interesting to see all the reveals in theatres about Thor Love And Thunder.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the thunderous second trailer of Thor Love And Thunder.

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