Vaani Kapoor In Shamshera: Actresses Have Nothing Much To Do In Commercial Films

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Vaani Kapoor In Shamshera: Actresses Has Nothing Much To Do In Commercial Films

We are in 2022 and Bollywood films are still fear to break the taboo and make a good commercial film. While we have witnessed some engaging storylines with both male and female actors in recent years, fans still wait to see plotlines that justify both the hero and heroines in commercial space.

Writers and filmmakers still don’t know how to utilize their actresses in a commercial space. Many times they made them victims in the climax of the movie, or they would just entertain the hero and take the audience’s mind off of the film for a while.

There are many instances when filmmakers brutally represented their actresses in big-budget commercial films.

Sadly, Shamshera is considerably one of those films that are planning to cash the box office on its male star power. The whole trailer talks about Ranbir Kapoor and the menacing look of Sanjay Dutt as Shuddh Singh.

Vaani Kapoor in Shamshera Movie
Vaani Kapoor in Shamshera Movie

The Contradiction Of The Statement: Actresses In Commercial Films

In the middle of writing this piece, I keep thinking about the film fanatics who raise the question about all different stories that need different treatment. Okay, so I understand a story will be different and the actress role can be limited.

However, it is used as a trope in Indian cinema that actresses got very little to do in commercial films. Speaking about Hrithik Roshan starrer War, Yash’s KGF, Aamir Khan’s Thugs Of Hindostan, Dhoom 3, and many others.

The problem is creators don’t write good parts for the female lead in the movie. Once they started giving good scenes to female leads it would be good for the cinema.

Again this is not like jumping to the conclusion with the Shamshera trailer, but it looks like the movie is set up to be Ranbir Kapoor’s comeback and nothing more.

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