Choodiwala Part 1 Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On Ullu App

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Choodiwala Part 1 Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On Ullu App

Ullu app came up with another exciting web series titled Choodiwala. The web series is scheduled to release in 2 parts. The Choodiwala web series is set in the backdrop of a rural village. Choodiwala web series cast Pallavi Debnath, Aliya Naaz, and Ankita Bhattacharya in lead roles. Helmed by Ankur Kakatkar, the web series was released on 5th July 2022 on the Ullu app.

Choodiwala web series has two episodes in total about 20 minutes each. Ullu web series are getting recognition as one of the best Indian local OTT platforms this day. The shows they are coming up with are huge hits among fans. Recently, they have released popular web series like Jaal, Dunali, Sursuri-Li, and many others.

Choodiwala Part 1 Web Series Review And Performance

The concept of Choodiwala is not something fictional or new. You can see many Choodiwala like Murari roaming in the village on their bicycle. Ullu app came up with a story that resonates with the audience.

Second, the direction is top-notch. Ankur Kakatkar broke the norm and presented their actresses with a de-glam look. Actress Pallavi Debnath looks completely unrecognizable in the web series.

Choodiwala Part 1 Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On Ullu App

Aliya Naaz and Ankita Bhattacharya’s scenes were also filmed beautifully. The cinematography has tried to give us the feel of the dim and dark village but missed the mark by inches. Overall, the web series is a good social drama.

However, the majority of scenes in the Choodiwala web series only set up the interactions between actors. It lacks the moving element of the story. In the 40-minute screenplay, you would never see yourself going forward with the story. We just hope that they would make Choodiwala Part 2 a little more interesting than this.

Choodiwala Web Series Cast

  • Pallavi Debnath as Bhuri
  • Akshay Milind as Lala
  • Kishor Yelne as Murari
  • Vinod Singh as Triloki
  • Aliya Naaz as Sangeeta
  • Ankita Bhatacharya as Kajri

Choodiwala Part 1 Web Series Story

Meet Murari who is a regular Choodiwala in the village selling bangles door to door. Besides his colorful business of bangles, he also provides physical pleasure to his customers. In the story, three women in the village, Sangeeta, Kajri, and Bhuri get fascinated by the vibrant shimmer of the bangles and the charm of the choodiwala.

Choodiwala Part 1 Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On Ullu App

The very first shot of the Choodiwala web series is Murari selling the bangles on his cycle. He met Bhuri and asked her if she wants to purchase the bangles. Bhuri refused him and he went on. The next scene shows Kajri fighting her husband on p.c.o talking about the scarcity of money. The shop owner offers her to give the money in return for bedroom favors.

The third leading lady in the Choodiwala web series is Sangeeta who is the wife of Sarpanch. We got to see their romantic angle in the very first scene they share. Sarpanch is impotent and cannot satisfy Sangeeta.

Meanwhile, we get to see the family conditions of Bhuri who wants to have bangles. Bhuri asked her husband for money but he told her to wait for a few days. While Bhuri understands her condition, it was revealed that Bhuri is also not getting pleasure from her husband. Murari visited Kajri’s house with Bangles and they got intimate.

Choodiwala Part 2 Web Series Release Date

The second episode of the Choodiwala web series shows firey interaction between Sangeeta and Choodiwala. Sangeeta got overwhelmed by the touch of Murari and started dreaming about her love for Murari.

Sangeeta asked her to visit her home at night. Murari followed her instruction. They both get intimate in the middle of the night and that too at Surpanch’s house. To see these romantic social dramas, watch online Choodiwala web series on the Ullu app.

Choodiwala Part 2 web series will release on Ullu App next week. Choodiwala Part 1 web series gave us long romantic sequences with Aliya Naaz and Ankita Bhattacharya. It is expected that Pallavi Debnath’s scenes are preserved for Choodiwala Part 2.

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