Watch Online Titliyaan Part 1 Ullu Web Series Full Episodes

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Ullu App’s latest is Titliyaan Part 1 web series. The web series is an LGBTQ romantic drama featuring Taniya Chatterji and Vanya Singh Rajput in lead roles. Both the actresses have previously worked in the Ullu web series that went viral.

Talking Titliyaan web series, it is released in two parts. Titliyaan Part 1 has set the premise for the release of part 2 of the web series. The web series is available to watch online on the Ullu app for subscribed users.

Titliyaan Part 1 Web Series Story & Synopsis

Titliyaan web series is presented to the audience as a love story between two women. The story follows two protagonists Tanya (Taniya Chatterji) and Sophia (Vanya Singh Rajput). Tanya is the wife of school dean Pratik who hurts Tanya during intimacy.

Tanya is fed up with the cruel nature Pratik has with her during lovemaking. However, she is stuck to the marriage because she is afraid of him.

On the other hand, we have Sophia who is young and independent. She is a teacher at college and also has a boyfriend. We get to know that Sophia’s boyfriend cheats on her. Tanya and Sophia came close to sharing their love life and supporting each other.

When the love life of both the girls gets ugly, they find comfort in each other.

Watch Online Titliyaan Part 1 Ullu Web Series Full Episodes

Titliyaan Part 1 Web Series Cast

  • Tanya Chatterji as Tanya
  • Vanya Singh Rajput as Sophia
  • Peeyush Suhane as Pratik
  • Gautam Handa as Jimmy
  • Suhana Khan as Shruti

Titliyaan Part 1 Web Series Review

Web Series Titliyaan part 1 has 3 episodes in total that consists of the content of about 60 minutes. The web series has 3 popular actresses Tanya Chatterji, Vanya Singh Rajput, and Suhana Khan. All the actresses have given stunning performances to make it one of the most loved Ullu Web Series.

Especially the intimate love-making scenes between Tanya Chatterji and Vanya Singh Rajput have been shot precisely. Creators have maintained the male gaze at the same time left room for romance for the leading ladies.

Titliyaan Part 2 Web Series Release Date

If you like Titliyaan Part 1 web series then there’s good news for you. The web series is released in two parts and Titliyaan Part 2 will release next Friday. We would love to see how the love story of Tanya and Sophia turned out in the Titliyaan part 2 web series.

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