Naina Ganguly And Apsara Rani Kissed On Instagram Live

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We have seen the height that actors would go to promote their films. Recently released RGV’s much-awaited film Dangerous starring Naina Ganguly and Apsara Rani. The movie is an LGBTQ romantic thriller with two female leads.
There’s a video clip getting viral from the moment it surfaced on the internet. It is a promotional video where RGV video called his actresses who were together. You can clearly see how RGV demanded their actresses to lip-lock in order to promote the film.
When actresses hesitate, RGV pointed out that they have already done it multiple times while shooting the film. Even actresses counter him with the statement that RGV has already seen both of them kissing multiple times.

Naina Ganguly And Apsara Rani To Kiss During Dangerous Promotional Events

Dangerous Movie Promotion With Naina Ganguly And Apsara Rani

While the discussion had been done on a friendly note, RGV stopped at a moment when he got that actress was not comfortable. At the same time, actresses claimed that they have kissed, but it was off camera due to blocking.

Dangerous Khatra movie is quite appealing and controversial. For the record, the film has been released in theatres but rarely made it to torrenting websites. Fans are looking for the OTT release of Dangerous Movie, but there is not update regarding the Dangerous Movie Release Date.

Even though Naina Ganguly and Apsara Rani moved to their next film/web series projects, their interaction for Dangerous movie is making headlines.

Watch the video of Naina Ganguly and Apsara Rani promoting their movie Dangerous Khatra with RGV at various occasion. Also, it is the first time we see such a wild approach to promote the movie.

On the other side, I would say RGV was right asking his actresses to kiss on-screen during promotional tour. It would help audience understand that a kiss is just an expression of love. There’s nothing wrong about it at all.

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