House Of The Dragon Episode 1 Spoilers: HOT D Made Its Great First Impact

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House of the Dragon (HOT D) was the long awaited series. The Game of Thrones prequel series has so much pressure from its very first episode. It had to match the popularity of its predecessor Game of Thrones.

It looks like the first reviews of the House of The Dragon series is mostly positive. Recently released HOT D episode 1 established the character for the show while giving us some of the most grotesque yet pleasing moments from the very first episode.

Here, take a look at House of the Dragon episode 1 shocking events. Also spoiler alert if you don’t wanna ruin the show for yourself.

The Gold Cloak set the bat high for city security

We get to see Daemon Targaryen in full glory from his introduction scene. He posed as a gold cloak punishing all the rapists, thieves, and murderers in the city. Only the method to punish them is severe. They literally chopped off two-carts of body parts of convicts.

Daemon disrespects his wife in meeting

Daemon disrespects his wife in dozens of way in front of king’s meeting. He stated that people prefer to sleep with sheep than woman. He went on to offer his wife to anyone who wants to sleep with his wife. This shows his extreme hatred for his wife.

House Of The Dragon Episode 1 Spoilers: HOT D Made Its Great First Impact

The grotesque Arena Fight

An event organised to celebrate the birth of a child turns into massacre. People literally enjoyed the brutal game that actually accounts several death and brutal injury. This is all justified on the accounts of not having any war in 100 years.

Child Birth through cutting stomach

Probably the most grotesque scene in the series where medical practicioner decided to cut the stomach of the queen to safely extract the child. It leads to the death of the queen as she bled to death.

Sending daughter to comfort the king

Otto Hightower did something unimaginable by sending his young daughter to comfort the king in his bedroom. He even ordered her to wear one of her mother’s dress to please the king.


Celebrating the death of the new-born child

Since the show revolves around politics to sit on iron throne, Daemon Targaryen can be seen celebrating the death of the newly-born kid. He even stated the new-born as an heir for a day only.

The show is a must watch and these scenes are the reason that make House of the Dragon episode 1 binge-worthy.

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