Jordan Peele All 6 Movies Including Hits Like ‘Get Out’ and ‘Nope’ Watch Online

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If you liked “Nope,” you should check out Jordan Peele’s other movies. The filmmaker is best known for producing unique horror flicks, including “Get Out” and “Us.”

You can watch online Peele’s on Prime Video. Jordan Peele has become a household name for fans of horror and comedy. His directorial debut, “Get Out,” got massive positive response for its unique approach to storytelling. It is completely different from his early work on the sketch comedy series “Key and Peele” that demonstrated his knack for hilarious performances.

Most of the actor, filmmaker, and comedian’s movies exist between spheres of humor and dread, and he is known for capturing the peculiar and unsettling while exploring race. With his company Monkeypaw Productions, Peele has produced six movies so far.

Below, we rounded up how to watch online Jordan Peele movies, from “Keanu” to his latest horror flick “Nope.”  


Watch online on Amazon, YouTube, or Vudu

Jordan Peele reunited with Keegan Michael-Key for this action comedy about a cat. Dumped by his girlfriend, Rell (Peele) finds comfort in a kitten that appears on his doorstep. However, when a thief steals his new source of happiness, he enlists the help of his cousin Clarence (Michael-Key) to get it back. After locating the culprit, the two end up in a whirlwind of trouble. 

jordan peele movies watch online nope

‘Get Out’

Watch online Get Out on Amazon, YouTube, or Vudu

“Get Out,” Peele’s feature-length directorial debut, is an Oscar-winning psychological horror film. When Rose (Allison Williams) brings her boyfriend Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) to meet her parents.

The Armitages are accommodating, interested in knowing Chris, and quite open to the couple’s relationship. As the weekend passes, Chris starts to notice disturbing tendencies that lead him to uncover sinister truths about the family. 

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Watch online BlacKkKlansman on Amazon, YouTube, or Vudu

Based on the New York Times bestselling memoir “Black Klansman” by Ron Stallworth, this biographical crime thriller tells Stallworth’s story as the first African American officer in the Colorado Springs Police Department.

The movie is set in the 1970s, Stallworth (John David Washington) goes on a mission to infiltrate and dismantle the Ku Klux Klan with the help of a Jewish detective played by Adam Driver. 

'BlacKkKlansman' jordan peele movies watch online Nope


Watch online Us on Amazon, YouTube, or Vudu

“Us” is Peele’s second horror venture as a writer/director. The movie follows a woman named Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) who brings her family to her childhood home. As the day turns to night, Adelaide is tormented by past memories and becomes increasingly wary of her surroundings.

When four masked strangers approach the house, the family is thrust into a fight for survival, eventually discovering that each of their attackers looks just like them. 

jordan peele movies watch online Nope
Lupita Nyong’o as Adelaide Wilson doppelgänger Red in “Us,”.


Watch online Candyman on Amazon, Epix, and Paramount Plus

This sequel to the 1992 classic surprised fans with its twists. After learning the tragic story of Sherman Fields, artist Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) becomes obsessed with the legend of the ghostly killer with a hook for a hand.

His curiosity for answers, however, leads him down a darker path than he ever could’ve imagined. Candyman is co-written by Jordan Peele, Win Rosenfeld, and Nia DaCosta.

jordan peele movies watch online Nope


Watch Online Nope on Amazon, Vudu, or YouTube

“Nope” is Peele’s third film as a writer/director. The movie stars Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluyya as siblings running their father’s California horse ranch after he mysteriously dies on the property.

When strange phenomena continue happening, the pair discover something murderous and otherworldly in the skies above. The sci-fi horror flick has an “83% Certified Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

jordan peele movies watch online Nope
Keke Palmer NOPE trailer Universal Pictures/Youtube

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