Kacha Badam Web Series Release Date, Cast, Watch Online All Episodes

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The song Kacha Badam became a huge hit. Not just the singer, but many dancers also shot to fame with the success of the song. Now, Cineprime has decided to come up with a short web series titled Kacha Badam.

Now for sure, the web series is not about Kacha Badam girl Anjali Arora. Even though Anjali Arora is famous these days for the circulation of her leaked MMS video. Here, take a look at what to expect from Kacha Badam web series.

Kacha Badam Web Seres Release Date

Cineprime has only released a community post mentioning that Kacha Badam is their upcoming web series. In the web series poster, we can see a girl in the front playing with their frock revealing her panty.

We can expect Kacha Badam web series to release in the second week of September. Earlier, Cineprime has released some amazing web series that include Baba Rancho, Mami No-1, Sheela Jeet and many others.

Kacha Badam Web Series Release Date, Cast, Watch Online All Episodes

Kacha Badam Web Series Cast

  • Not Updated Yet.

Watch Online Kacha Badam Web Series

Cineprime Web Series is getting good response from fans and critics. We hope that Cineprime may compete with Ullu app, Primeshots App with the release of Kacha Badam web series. Fans are excited to see what new Cineprime may bring with Kacha Badam.

It is a great move by Cineprime creators to come up with such a popular name. The web series may get enormous amount of views as well because of the publicity with Kacha Badam girl “Anjali Arora.” We’ll update you as soon as Cineprime release the teaser, trailer, and any other update about the web series.

Meanwhile fans demand Good Girls series from Cineprime, more web series with girl-on-girl action, and bring back actresses like Aliya Naaz and Edin Rose with the upcoming web series.

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