College Romance S3: Shreya Mehta Romances Her Female Co-star Jahnvi Ravat

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College Romance S3 is not desi at all. TVF has picked the right audience to target with its content. College Romance Season 3 has made some big changes in the content type. Every time they use Deepika’s character for the experiment as she is a young, confident, and independent girl.

In College Romance Season 3, fans like the slow-burning chemistry between Deepika (Shreya Mehta) and Raavi (Jahnvi Ravat). Their first meeting felt organic, the $exual tension was quite visible every time they share the screen.

And finally, the moment came when they lock their lips. I have always been eager to know TVF’s way to show LGBTQIA romance. They might bring the fun over eroticism, or make it more dramatic to feel romantic. The relationship between Deepika and Raavi took center stage in the last 3 episodes.

College Romance S3: Shreya Mehta Romances Her Female Co-star Jahnvi Ravat
Shreya Mehta From College Romance Season 3

Jahnvi Ravat and Shreya Mehta Kiss

Creators have made the scene quite dramatic as Raavi went to confront her in the rain. We witnessed an interesting piece of acting where Shreya Mehta monologues about her preferences and confusion to determine her interest.

Raavi stated that the only way to know is to check and she pecked on Deepika’s lips. Deepika got instigated and went for a long passionate kiss. The scene depicts the confusion one may have about his/her sexuality.

Even the fans are convinced that they loved this arc of Shreya in College Romance Season 3. Also, they had expected that creators may explore this a bit more throughout the runtime. The fight sequence at the end of the College Romance S3 is well choreographed that shows the dynamics of Deepika and Raavi.

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Shreya Mehta and Jahnvi Ravat from College Romance Season 3

It seems like College Romance Season 4 will arrive next year as it got a good response from fans and critics. The addition of Jahnvi Ravat is a good move for creators.

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