Watch Online Teekhi Chutney Part 2 Ullu Web Series All Episodes

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Teekhi Chutney Part 2 web series watch online on the official Ullu app. The web series got a good response from fans and critics for its presentation. The comedy-drama series has been released on 8th November 2022. Fans loved the Teekhi Chutney web series for its engaging storytelling and captivating performances. 

Teekhi Chutney Part 2 web series cast Noor Malabika, Vandana Mittal, Sharad Ghore, Saurabh Rana in the lead roles. Helmed by Yogesh Ojha, Teekhi Chutney Part 2 web series consists of 2 episodes of 20-25 minutes each.

You can watch online Teekhi Chutney Part 2 all episodes on Ullu App. Previously, Ullu App released Lady Finger web series featuring Aayushi Jaiswal, Mahi Kaur, and Pallavi Debnath in key roles.

Watch Online Teekhi Chutney Part 2 Ullu Web Series All Episodes

Teekhi Chutney Web Series Cast

  • Noor Malabika as Jenny
  • Sharad Ghore as Mr. Chauhan
  • Saurabh Rana as Aditya
  • Vandana Mittal as Mrs Chauhan

Teekhi Chutney Part 2 Web Series Story

Web Series Teekhi Chutney Part 2 episode 1 starts with Jenny (Noor Malabika) and Mr. Randhir Chauhan (Sharad Gore) getting into intense session after spending night together being wet in the pond. Noor Malabika and Sharad Gore are Daughter-in-law and Father-in-law in the web series Teekhi Chutney.

Watch Online Teekhi Chutney Part 2 Ullu Web Series All Episodes

Jenny arrives home with Mr. Randhir Chauhan thinking about her small affair with boyfriend’s father. She got the big surprise as Aaditya was home waiting for her. The whole house was celebrating the nuptial ceremony of Aaditya and Jenny.

Teekhi Chutney Part 2 Episode 2 further explored the dynamic of Noor Malabika and Saurabh Rana in the house of Sharad Ghore. Also, episode 2 of the Teekhi Chutney web series gave us final blow by showing intense scene between Sharad Ghore and Noor Malabika.

Teekhi Chutney Part 2 is story driven where Aditya and Jenny explore each other on the trip. At the same time, Jenny found herself falling for Aditya’s father Mr. Chauhan as well.

While the climax has a cliffhanger, the series is undoubtedly binge-worthy. Teekhi Chutney Part 2 has multiple scenes featuring Noor Malabika. In addition to this, Noor Malabika will return in another Ullu web series titled Palang Tod Siskiyaan along with Priya Gamre.

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