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Gun Point 2 web series watch online on the official Hotshots Original app. The web series got a good response from fans and critics for its presentation. The thriller-drama series has been released on 14th November 2022. Fans loved the Gun Point 2 web series for its engaging storytelling and captivating performances. 

Gun Point 2 web series cast Pihu Kanojia and Sejal Shah in the lead roles. Helmed by Hotshots Production Team, Gun Point 2 web series consists of multiple episodes of 20-25 minutes each.

You can watch online Gun Point 2 all episodes on Hotshots Original App. Previously, Hotshots Original App released Gun Point web series starring Sejal Shah in key role. Hotshots Original app has certainly made its comeback to be relevant in local OTT platform.

Pihu Kanojia, Gun Point 2 Web Series, Hotshots Original Web Series,

Gun Point 2 Web Series Cast

Gun Point 2 Web Series Story

Gun Point 2 web series episode 1 starts with Pihu Kanojia threatening a man at gun point. The man even asked what he had done wrong. The scene then runs in flashback showing boy with a beautiful girlfriend making promises of living and dying together.

As usual, they went into a room and performed a steamy session with poor acting and blocking. Hotshots Original is pretty famous among fans for its quality content with top-notch OTT actresses. However, this time they failed to bring something unimaginable like before.

Pihu Kanojia, Gun Point 2 Web Series, Hotshots Original Web Series,

The episode ended with couple having orgasm and scene fade to black. In the next episode, we may get to see Pihu Kanojia into action with boy or maybe girl. We have seen Pihu Kanojia multiple times with her co-stars irrespective of gender. To know what happens next, we may have to wait whole week.

Gun Point 2 web series is story driven where protagonist have to do many things at gun point. While the climax has a cliffhanger, the series is undoubtedly binge-worthy. Gun Point 2 has multiple scenes featuring Pihu Kanojia.

Creators might come up with many episodes of Gun Point 2 that will explore further about Gun Point 2’s characters, their motives, and other steamy romances.

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