Top 6 Leena Singh Web Series Watch Online On Ullu App

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Leena Singh is one of the most sought OTT actresses working in the industry to this day. In such a short period, she featured in multiple projects across local OTT platforms. If you have been a fan of this beauty, here we created a list of the top 6 Leena Singh web series that you can watch online.

Note: Leena Singh is featured in many web series, however, we try to include the best and latest in the list for your pleasure. Below is the list we think of some of the best web series of Leena Singh.

1. Dangerous Date – DreamFilms Web Series

Dangerous Date was the web series that made Leena Singh popular in the local OTT space. The web series is a version of the Hollywood film Knock Knock where Leena Singh and Pooja Poddar played the psycho girls duo. The web series is amazing and captivating to watch if you are a fan of Leena Singh.

Dangerous Date DreamsFilms Web Series Watch Online All Episodes

2. Charmsukh Bidaai – Ullu Web Series

Leena Singh also collaborated with Ullu app for the recently released web series Charmsukh Bidaai. The web series cast many actresses that include Leena Singh, Pihu Kanojia, Pihu Jaiswal, and Jaishree Gaikwad among others.

Leena Singh Web Series

3. Official Rajni Kaand 2 – Cineprime Web Series

Leena Singh looks gorgeous in the office outfit in the Cineprime popular web series Official Rajni Kaand 2. However, the Official Rajni Kaand web series revolves around Riddhima Tiwari who plays the titular character, Leena Singh looks breathtakingly gorgeous in all of her scenes.

Top 6 Leena Singh Web Series Watch Online On Ullu App

4. Prem Game – Voovi Web Series

Voovi App released a new web series titled Prem Game starring Leena Singh and Ayesha Pathan in lead roles. The web series revolves around a couple who are not satisfied with each other and ended up cheating on each other.

Top 6 Leena Singh Web Series Watch Online On Ullu App

5. 61-62 Rocket – DigiMoviePlex Web Series

Leena Singh was roped in to play a parallel role in the 61-62 Rocket web series along with Pihu Singh and Rajsi Verma. The actress is getting everyone’s attention with her charming looks and amazing screen presence. It is good to see actresses like Leena Singh come forward for the local OTT platform.

Watch Online Prem Game Voovi Web Series New Episodes

6. Shadyantra – DreamFilms Web Series

One of Leena Singh’s early roles comes in the amazing web series titled Shadyantra from DreamFilms house. Shadyantra web series cast Priya Gamre and Leena Singh together in the web series. The web series is a suspense thriller with lots of scenes featuring both actresses.

Top 6 Leena Singh Web Series Watch Online On Ullu App

Comment down your favorite Leena Singh web series. Also, what type of scenes you wanted her to do in her upcoming projects?

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