Bigg Boss 16: Fahmaan Khan Entered The House As First Wild Card

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The 16th season of Bigg Boss has come halfway the way and we get to see the first wild card entry. Well, the show meticulously planned its first wild card to entertain the contestants rather than Bigg Boss’ loyal fan base.

TV actor Fahmaan Khan is the co-star of Sumbul Touqeer Khan from the popular show Imli. You can see multiple interviews and award shows clips talking about their friendship and the bond they share together.

It is certainly a good move from the Bigg Boss creators as Sumbul has almost lost her game. She keeps getting backlash for building a strong crush on her co-contestant Shalin Bhanot. At the same time, Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta make the situation worse for Sumbul with their taunts and clarification of the events.

Bigg Boss 16 Fahmaan Khan Entered The House As First Wild Card

Fahmaan Khan Shares Strong Bond With Sumbul Touqeer Khan

Even the short clip shared by Bigg Boss showed the excitement Sumbul had shown after seeing a familiar face in the house. One thing that all bigg boss fans can expect is that the entry of Fahmaan brings lots of chaos into the house.

Shalin and Sumbul’s equation will also take drastic change after the entry of Fahmaan Khan. However, we get to see the worst of the Shalin-Tina-Sumbul equation again before Fahmaan entered the Bigg Boss house.

A short clip mentioning the prologue from the upcoming episode shows Shalin Bhanot getting angry at Sumbul for talking foul about Tina Dutta. We also see a glimpse of Shalin Bhanot kicking something angrily and Tina Dutta fisting the walls losing her temper.

All the inmates were calming Sumbul down as it seems like Sumbul is feeling difficulty breathing. The situation got worsened for Sumbul Touqeer Khan just before Fahmaan Khan entered the scene as the last ray of hope for Sumbul.

The Bigg Boss 16 is getting spicier day by day. Follow EkSukoon for more updates about Bigg Boss Season 16.

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