You are currently viewing Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Watch Online All Episodes On Netflix

Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Watch Online All Episodes On Netflix

Netflix’s dating reality show Too Hot To Handle renewed for season 4 and getting good reviews everywhere. Too Hot To Handle season 4 brings world popular models and social influencers together in the house. These models and influencers are notorious for their wild dating lifestyle.

Things are heating up as Netflix have announced the full line-up for season 4 of Too Hot to Handle. Ten singletons will be whisked away to a lavish villa in the Caribbean to take part in the reality series that sees people attempt to fall in love fast and more intensely that ever… all by abstaining from any form of physical contact.

The new season consists of 10 episodes and will be available on the platform in two instalments, with the first five episodes arriving on December 7 on Netflix.

Audience will have to wait a further week to see whether the contestants resist their temptations and to find out who wins the hefty prize money, as episodes 6 to 10 will drop on December 14.

Why Too Hot To Handle Dating Reality Show Is A Hit On Netflix

There are countless number of dating reality show on TV. However, Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle seems fresh because of its concept and treatment of the show. Contestants will get –paid for forming connections without getting physical gratification.

Also, the show manages to bring top models and social influencers without acknowledging them they have signed up for Too Hot To Handle. They probably got the brief that they are coming here for a funky dating reality show.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Cast

Below is the list of 10 contestents that will feature in the show trying to form connections without physical temptations.

1. Name: Jawahir

Age: 22

Job: Model

IG Handle: @JawahirKhalifa

Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fun fact: Jawahir has only had one relationship, but Lana may be able to convince her to be open to love.

2. Name: Brittan

Age: 22

Job: Model

IG Handle: @Brittan_Byrd

Hometown: Hawaii, USA

Fun fact: Brittan thinks she has men all figured out and can’t wait to strut into the retreat full of confidence knowing she will get exactly what she wants. But is it ever that straight forward?

Too Hot To Handle Netflix Contestent List

3. Name: Creed

Age: 24

Job: Entrepreneur

IG Handle: @CreedMckinnon

Hometown: Perth, Australia

Fun fact: Creed is used to dating and DMing several girls at once, without being held to account… how will he survive living under Lana’s roof?

Too Hot To Handle Netflix Contestent List

4. Name: Dominique

Age: 23

Job: Student

IG Handle: @DominiqueDefoe

Hometown: Colorado, USA

Fun fact: Dominique is a computer science student who loves reading tarot cards for her friends.

Too Hot To Handle Netflix Contestent List

5. Name: Seb

Age: 24

Job: Racing Driver

IG Handle: @SebMelrose

Hometown: Glasgow, UK

Fun fact: Seb is used to having one night stands, but is looking for the right girl to live his life with him in the fast lane.

Too Hot To Handle Netflix Contestent List

6. Name: Nigel

Age: 29

Job: Entrepreneur and Model

IG Handle: @NigelEuro_

Hometown: New Jersey, USA

Fun fact: He lives by the motto “keep the fun rolling.”

Too Hot To Handle Netflix Contestent List

7. Name: Kayla

Age: 22

Job: Model

IG Handle: @KaylaRichart

Hometown: Los Angeles, USA

Fun fact: Kayla said she will have no issue treading on toes if she fancies someone…

Too Hot To Handle Netflix Contestent List

8. Name: James

Age: 23

Job: Student and PT

IG Handle: @JamesPendergrass_

Hometown: Hawaii, USA

Fun fact: Alongside his studies, James is an avid basketball player and he scores both on and off the court.

Too Hot To Handle Netflix Contestent List

9. Name: Nick

Age: 28

Job: Artist

IG Handle: @NickKici

Hometown: Michigan, USA

Fun fact: He loves to travel and has visited the Philippines, Australia and Mexico. Nick has been in 10 (or more) relationships, so he’s no stranger to love and lust, but will he find a connection that lasts this time?

Too Hot To Handle Netflix Contestent List

10. Name: Sophie

Age: 22

Job: Event Manager

IG Handle: @SophieStonehouse

Hometown: Brighton, UK

Fun fact: Sophie had one long-term relationship that has put her off going back into one. She now has high standards and knows what she wants… will anyone be able to meet them?

Too Hot To Handle Netflix Contestent List

In addition to these contestents, Netflix managed to bring Mario Lopez on board for the show. The actor is a well-known TV host. He served as a big attraction for the Too Hot To Handle Season 4 on Netflix.

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