You are currently viewing Watch Online Dil Do Part 2 Ullu Web Series All Episodes

Watch Online Dil Do Part 2 Ullu Web Series All Episodes

Dil Do Part 2 web series watch online on the official Ullu app. The web series got a good response from fans and critics for its presentation. The comedy-drama series has been released on 20th December 2022. Fans loved the Dil Do Part 2 web series for its engaging storytelling and captivating performances. 

Dil Do Part 2 web series cast Tanya Chatterjee, Priya Gamre, Neha Gupta in the lead roles. Helmed by S Kumar, Dil Do Part 2 web series consists of 3 episodes of 20-25 minutes each.

You can watch online Dil Do Part 2 web series all episodes on Ullu App. Previously, Ullu App released Lady FInger web series featuring Aayushi Jaiswal, Mahi Kaur, and Pallavi Debnath in key roles.

Watch Online Dil Do Part 2 Ullu Web Series All Episodes

Dil Do Ullu Web Series Cast

  • Tanya Chatterjee – Chameli
  • Priya Gamre – Suzane
  • Vihaan Kapoor – John
  • B B Chauhan – Girish (Chameli’s husband)
  • Supriya – Pushpa
  • Neha Gupta – Riya

Dil Do Part 2 Web Series Story

Web Series Dil Do Part 2 episode 1 starts with Tanya Chatterjee’s boss playing with himself imagining Tanya Chatterjee in black nightie. Tanya entered the room and he started flirting with her making her uncomfortable. The boss intervened and scolded the manager for wrong deeds.

Tanya went home where she tries to make love with her paralyzed husband. When she found that her husband won’t satisfy her, she chose Dil Do over her husband to please herself. The next scene featured Neha Gupta with the boss as she helped him gratify in his own office.

In Dil Do Part 2 Episode 2, the story follows as Neha Gutpa suggested to use Tanya’s voice for marketing of their Dil Do products. Even Tanya Chatterjee agreed to the proposal as she needs money. We get to see another scene of Priya Gamre with her husband.

Watch Online Dil Do Part 2 Ullu Web Series All Episodes

Tanya Chatterjee even left the house of Priya Gamre and exposed her husband in front of her. At that point of time, we see Tanya Chatterjee started enjoying herself with the job.

Dil Do Part 1 episode 3 brought us exciting conclusion of the whole Dil Do web series. It shows Neha Gupta romancing with her boss. At the same time, he imagined Tanya Chatterjee while romancing Neha Gupta. The scene has been shot beautifully with lots of match cut.

While the climax has a surprising twist, the series is undoubtedly binge-worthy. Dil Do Part 2 web series has multiple scenes featuring Priya Gamre, Neha Gupta, and Tanya Chatterjee. Creators have included Neha Gupta scenes in Dil Do Part 2 web series.

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