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Sautele Primeplay Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

Sautele web series watch online on the official Primeplay app. The web series got a good response from fans and critics for its presentation. The comedy-drama series has released 2 episodes on 23rd December 2022. Earlier, fans loved previous Primeplay web series for their engaging storytelling and captivating performances. 

Sautele web series cast Kamalika Chanda, Ekta More, and Soni Jha in the lead roles. Sautele web series consists of 5-6 episodes of 25-30 minutes each.

You can watch online Sautele web series all episodes on Primeplay App. Previously, Primeplay App released Vasu web series featuring Riddhima Tiwari, Mahi Khan, Rajsi Verma in key roles.

Watch Online Sautele Primeplay Web Series All Episodes

Sautele Web Series Cast

  • Kamalika Chanda
  • Ekta More
  • Fravash Ranjan
  • Deepak Dutt Sharma
  • Soni Jha
  • Farhaan

Sautele Web Series Story

The Sautele web series episode 1 starts with the scene of party where Kamalika Chanda meets Deepak Dutt Sharma and witnessed love at first sight. The middle-aged couple found love in each other and decided to spend night together.

Deepak Dutt Sharma gave her lift to her building and she invited him insider her house. We see Ekta More’s character who is the daughter of Kamalika Chanda in the web series. The long scene ended as we see Deepak Sharma talking to his son about the woman he met at the party.

Watch Online Sautele Primeplay Web Series All Episodes

Meanwhile we see how addicted and womanizer his son is as he forced the house help (Soni Jha) to share puff with him and made love with her forcefully.

Sautele web series episode 2 moves the story forward as we see Ekta More’s character interacting with Deepak Sharma’s son Fravash Ranjan. They had small bikering session for smoking in public area. Later, Ekta More scolds her mother for having affair in her 50s.

Again, we get to see an absurd three-way romance as Fravash Ranjan invited one of his friend to take advantage of house help played be Soni Jha. Helmed by Pourush, the scenes have been shot beautifully emphasizing the performances of every actor.

However, the series best came at the last of Sautele web series episode 2 where Soni Jha has three-way romance with both of her co-stars.

Sautele web series has released two episodes, in which Sautele episode 2 is the best featuring Kamalika Chanda and Soni Jha in their most captivating avatars along with three-way romance showing Soni Jha. Primeplay promises to bring all new exciting web series similar to Sautele.

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