You are currently viewing Sautele Part 2 Primeplay Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

Sautele Part 2 Primeplay Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

Sautele Part 2 web series watch online on the official Primeplay app. The web series got a good response from fans and critics for its presentation. The comedy-drama series has released 2 mmore episodes on 29rd December 2022. Earlier, fans loved previous Primeplay web series for their engaging storytelling and captivating performances. 

Sautele Part 2 web series cast Kamalika Chanda, Ekta More, and Soni Jha in the lead roles. Sautele web series consists of 5-6 episodes of 25-30 minutes each.

You can watch online Sautele Part 2 web series all episodes on Primeplay App. Previously, Primeplay App released Vasu web series featuring Riddhima Tiwari, Mahi Khan, Rajsi Verma in key roles.

Sautele Part 2 Primeplay Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

Sautele Web Series Cast

Sautele Part 2 Web Series Story

The Sautele Part 2 web series episode 1 starts with the kids disagreeing with their partner’s decision to get married. Kamalika Chanda confronted Ekta More stating that she has to be in the same house together as a family.

Later, Ekta More finds it difficult to adjust in the same house with the boy she opposed in the college. He bumped o her twice while she was changing her outfit. He proposed to share her droolworthy photos on some app to earn extra cash.

While Ekta More rejects the offer at first, she agreed when got reality check. He clicked her photos and even earned money from it. They came closer and had wonderful passionate romance even though they are step brother and sister in relation.

Sautele Part 2 Primeplay Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

The episode 1 ended as Ekta More went on to steal some money from her step dad. She got caught and agreed to do anything to escape the situation.

Sautele Part 2 web series episode 2 starts with the uncomfortable moment where Deepak Sharma forced himself on Ekta More. The scene was well shot and executed taking advantage of unmissable beauty of Ekta More.

Son watched his father getting intimate with his step daughter. He blackmailed his father and asked a night with his step mother. One most captivating scene came from Kamalika Chanda recreating showgirl moment from the shower asking for towel.

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Sautele web series ended with the shot of blindfolded Kamalika Chanda releasing sweat. The step son was licking sweat from all over her body.

Sautele Part 2 web series has released two episodes, in which Sautele Part 2 episode 2 is the best featuring Kamalika Chanda and Ekta More in their most captivating avatars recreating showgirl moment. Primeplay promises to bring all new exciting web series similar to Sautele.

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