Shyna Khatri on Choreographing Love Scenes with ‘Kaam Purush’ Co-Star Pihu Kanojia

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Shayna Khatri is one of the most sought OTT actresses this day. Probably this is the reason, she is featuring in 3 web series released across the OTT platforms in a single week. While we keep praising Shyna Khatri for her acting skills and screen presence, she is making headlines for romancing Pihu Kanojia in the Primeshots app latest release Kaam Purush web series.

It is the first instance when Shyna Khatri would be seen doing girl on girl action in camera. However, Pihu Kanojia is a veteran and she often goes on Instagram live with Rajsi Verma. Shyna Khatri shared her experience making out with Pihu Kanojia for the web series.

She stated that the two actors worked with a director and a acting coach to develop their characters and rehearse their scene. Actors often spend a lot of time rehearsing and preparing for their roles, whether it is through researching their character and the time period they are portraying, working on their dialogue, or practicing specific actions or movements that are required for the scene.

Shyna Khatri on Choreographing Love Scenes with ‘Kaam Purush’ Co-Star Pihu Kanojia

Ultimately, the preparation process can vary greatly depending on the specific needs of the role and the preferences of the actor. In the case of Kaam Purush web series, Shyna Khatri has to act like a man trapped in her body and she wants Pihu Kanojia manly.

How Shyna Khatri Prepared For Her First Girl On Girl Scene

Shyna Khatri added, “The scene is well shot and choreographed in a safe working environment. Actors prepare for a girl-on-girl scene in much the same way as they would prepare for any other intimate scene.

This often involves discussing the scene with the director and other members of the cast and crew, rehearsing the scene, and possibly even working with an acting coach to ensure that the scene is authentic and believable.

Shyna Khatri on Choreographing Love Scenes with ‘Kaam Purush’ Co-Star Pihu Kanojia

Actors may also take time to get to know their scene partner and build trust and comfort with them, as this can help create a sense of intimacy and connection on screen. Ultimately, the preparation process will depend on the specific needs of the scene and the preferences of the actors involved.”

Kaam Purush Web Series” is available now to watch online on Primeshots app.

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