Watch Online Chingari Chaubey Web Series All Episodes

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Another day another OTT! Wow Originals is a newly released OTT platform with dozens of web series across genres. While they have received short success with multiple short films and mini-series, they hit it out of the part with Chingari Chaubey web series.

Wow Originals brought the right blend of spicy stories with sleek cinematography in the web series. Chingari Chaubey web series cast Bhumika Gurung and Sameeksha Gaur in lead roles among others.

Chingari Chaubey web series presents us an interesting thriller where lead actress is a fierce cop. Series starts with the scene of a brothel where a police man pays a woman for her service. Also, the web series has written some of the best dialogues which you wouldn’t have imagined in such series.  

When the woman goes out of the room to get change of 2000 bucks, she found the brothel owner dead. The police came for investigation, meanwhile they have already installed Chingari Chaubey as a prostitute in the web series.

It may seem very similar to the plot of She Netflix web series. In the web series Aditi Pohenkar was the constable who goes undercover to expose organized crime world. Bhumika Gurung plays the firey cop who transitions quite well into a fake prostitute.

Watch Online Chingari Chaubey Web Series All Episodes

Chingari Chaubey Web Series Cast

  • Bhumika Gurung
  • Sameeksha Gaur
  • Amit Lohia
  • Rohit Kumar
  • Sunil Bob
  • R. B. Bhardwaj

Bhumika Gurung And Sameeksha Gaur Stunning Performance in Chingari Chaubey

Both Bhumika Gurung and Sameeksha Gaur did stunningly well in Chingari Chaubey web series. Sameeksha Guar picked the demeaner of Prostitute by donning the body language and get the accent right which is quite typical for prostitute in India.

Watch Online Chingari Chaubey Web Series All Episodes

You may expect a lot of scenes from Bhumika Gurung and Sameeksha Gaur in the web series. On the contrary, the series is story-driven and focuses on the bigger picture which is dealing with the protagonists catching antagonists.

The final scene of the web series shows Bhumika Gurung donning Inspector costume riding bike with her goggles on. If the Chingari Chaubey web series gets good reviews then creators might continue the web series with multiple seasons.

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